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Join the Travel Buyers Club for just $40 for your first year.
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Globetrotters may think they already know all the best travel hacks, but they might not know this secret: With Travel Buyers Club, you can gain access to member-exclusive prices on airfare, hotels, rental cars, theme parks and more.

Since you’re a Cult of Mac reader, you can save 60% on your first year of membership and get it for just $39.99 (regularly $99).

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Beat rising flight rates with this Dollar Flight Club two-for-one deal, now only $99.97.
Get two Dollar Flight Club subscriptions for less than $100 and start traveling for less.
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Feeling like your dreams of soaring through the skies have been grounded by skyrocketing airfare prices? To help get you back in the skies, Cult of Mac Deals is serving up a deal hotter than airplane coffee: a two-for-one offer on the Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus+ Plan.

For a limited time, you can pick up two lifetime subscriptions to DFC’s Premium Plus+ Plan for only $99.97. Regularly priced at a jaw-dropping $3,380, this deal is basically like finding a unicorn in economy class.

Save on Dollar Flight Club, then save on air travel for the rest of your life


Save big on airplane tickets thanks to discounted access to Dollar Flight Club.
Spend only $99.99 for a lifetime of more affordable airline tickets.
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There are so many amazing places to explore around the world, but reaching those destinations can come at a tremendous cost. Fortunately, there is a proven service that finds ways to consistently cut down on the cost of air travel — and now you can save on this service.

For a limited time, a lifetime subscription to Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus+ is marked down to only $99.99 (regularly $1,690) with no coupon necessary. If you like to travel, this an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Dollar Flight Club has an array of domestic and international travel options awaiting your review.

Save on your summer vacation with a top-rated Dollar Flight Club membership


Save on your summer vacation before Prime Day with a top-rated Dollar Flight Club membership.
Grab a lifetime of flight deals with a Dollar Flight Club membership for less than $60 ahead of Prime Day.
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Want to see the world without being stung by the skyrocketing costs of flights? There’s a simple hack to save serious bucks on your summer vacation, and it comes in the form of getting alerts on ultra-low flight deals. Dollar Flight Club does precisely that. And right now, you can grab a Premium Plus+ lifetime subscription for only $59.97 (regularly $1,690), with no coupon necessary.

This discount on lifetime access to DFC’s Premium Plus+ plan is only available during our exciting Deal Days campaign — our version of Prime Day. So, you’ll have to act fast since this deal only lasts until July 14 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific!

Save 79% on this elite, AI-powered cheap flight finder


Save 79% on this elite AI flight finder.
Pay $59.99, get a lifelong flight finder AI to plan your vacations with.
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Traveling isn’t cheap, but you can make it a little easier on the wallet if you use an AI-powered flight finder. With OneAir, all you have to do is pick the airports you want to leave from and watch your inbox.

Whether you picked a specific destination or just want to see your options, this airfare AI will hunt down great deals for you. Get a lifetime subscription to the OneAir Premium Plan for $59.99 or the Elite Plan for $109.99 and start packing.

See the world on a dime with a Matt’s Flights membership, just $50 for life


See the world cheaper than ever with a Matt’s Flights Premium membership, now only $50.
Say goodbye to sky-high airline prices with a $50 Matt’s Flights Premium membership.
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Do you dream of exploring exotic destinations and creating memories that last a lifetime? The world is calling, and now is your chance to answer. While experts predict flight prices will remain high this year, you can save big on airfare with a lifetime subscription to Matt’s Flights Premium Plan.

As part of our Memorial Day sale, this service is now only $49.99. No coupon is needed, but the special price will only last until May 31 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

Whether you’re planning a solo adventure, your family’s summer vacation or the bucket list trip you’ve always dreamed of, consider this your golden ticket to making it happen for less money than you ever thought possible.

6 ways to avoid ‘juice jacking’ at public iPhone charging stations


A suitcase with an iPhone charging on top and the words
Don't take any chances when you're traveling with your iPhone.
Photo: Benjamin Rascoe/UnsplashLicense/Modified by Cult of Mac

As the old saying goes, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch — there’s usually a trick. And the same goes for phone charging sustains in airports. These can be used to hack your device, according to a recent warning from the FBI about “juice jacking.”

Here are six ways to safely charge up your iPhone when you’re on the go.

Grab a Dollar Flight Club membership for cheap airfare and perks


Grab a Dollar Flight Club membership for less than $50 to save on airfare.
Save hundreds of dollars on flights for life with a $50 Dollar Flight Club subscription.
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Seeing the world doesn’t have to be expensive if you’ve got the best travel tools by your side. One of the very best is Dollar Flight Club, and you can grab a lifetime subscription to the Premium Plus+ plan for only $99.99 (regularly $1,690).

This money-saving hack has never been more of a necessity for travel lovers. The average price of an airline ticket in the United States has risen by more than a third in just a year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And experts predict flights will only get more expensive. You can easily avoid breaking the bank and take your dream vacation with Dollar Flight Club.

Airfares are skyrocketing, but this top-rated app will find you cheap flights for life


Airfares are skyrocketing - but this top-rated app will find you cheap flights for life.
Travel more for less in 2023 with this top-rated flights app, less than $50 for life.
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Whether you’re planning a big trip in 2023 or simply want to see more of the world, the secret to broadening your horizons is knowing where to find the best cheap flight deals. Dollar Flight Club’s Premium Plus membership does exactly that, finding you the best flight deals and saving serious money.

Right now, you can grab a lifetime subscription on sale for just $49.99. That’s a discount of more than a thousand dollars off the regular lifetime price of $1,690.

Apple rolls out iOS 11 mall and airport maps


airport maps iOS 11
Never get lost in an airport or a mall ever again.
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As promised at the WWDC 2017 Keynote, Apple has started rolling out airport maps and shopping mall maps. If you’re running iOS 11 beta, then you can visit airports in San Jose and Philadelphia, as well as shopping malls in San Jose and San Francisco. The new view shows indoor maps of these locations, with a new tappable info section that lets you find the exact terminal or donut store you’re looking for.