Airline Asks: “Why Have A Lame In-Flight Entertainment System When You Can Give Flyers iPads?”


Next time you fly out of Singapore, you might be handed an iPad as you board.

The friendly skies have been cozying up to the iPad for awhile now. First, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration allowed pilots to replace hundreds of pounds of flight manuals and log books for Apple’s tablet, and now a new airline is promising to save fuel, increase profits and make their customers happier by phasing out the in-flight entertainment system in favor of a fleet of iPads.

The airline is a new startup called Scoot Pte, and they believe that they can vastly improve the flying experience from an economic, entertainment and environmental perspective by using iPads to replace those old entertainment systems, which as it turns out weigh over two tons.

That’s unbelievable. Cutting two tons off of every flight means that even after Scoot added more 40% seats, their planes will actually be 7% lighter.

Sadly, Scoot won’t automatically be giving an iPad to every flyer. Instead, they’ll be following the nickel-and-dime trend of so many airlines by charging economy-class passengers $17 to rent one for a flight.

Scoot’s a tiny airline now, and only operates out of Singapore, but I think this is the future, where airlines deploy fleets of iPads alongside their fleet of planes. Don’t be surprised if the next time you climb aboard a red eye, your stewardess asks you if you if you’d like an iPad instead of a newspaper as you board.

Source: Bloomberg

  • ZacharyGodsell

    This is old old news, Australia has been doing it since end of last year. Read below press release

  • DigitalPoss

    The technology in the iPad, especially around user interaction is so hard to replicate. Customers are used to the quality of an Apple interaction, so by providing the lame inflight system, you are effectively damaging your brand equity.

  • Kajje

    Scoot might be a small new low cost carrier, it is also part of the Singapore Airlines group (fleet of 124 planes, including 17 A380’s)

    Don’t underestimate their power!

  • technochick

    It’s a brilliant idea. They don’t have to worry about licensing a movie that half the folks have either already seen, don’t care to see etc. They are charging a pittance for the rental etc. And if they do the on plane streaming system hinted at then they can open it up to anyone that brings an iPad with them. 

  • zviivz

    US airlines can definitely a learn a thing or two from Asian carriers. I like my iPad served out by hot chicks, not some old grumpy lady.