Today in Apple history: Apple IPO mints instant millionaires


December 12, 1980, was an incredibly important day for Apple.
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December 12: Today in Apple history: Apple goes public December 12, 1980: Apple goes public, floating 4.6 million shares on the stock market at $22 per share.

In the biggest tech IPO of its day, more than 40 out of 1,000 Apple employees become instant millionaires. As Apple’s biggest shareholder, 25-year-old Steve Jobs ends the day with a net worth of $217 million.

Microsoft and Amazon have both overtaken Apple in market cap


Apple is now behind where it was at the start of the year.
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Apple has done a whole lot in 2018 but, from a stock price perspective, none of it matters. That’s because Apple’s declining stock price means that the company has now officially lost money this year.

AAPL finished 2017 at $169.23. At time of writing, it is trading at $164.48. Overall, it’s now down around 1 percent year-on-year. In the process, it’s fallen behind some major rivals.

If you picked Apple’s IPO over Microsoft’s, you can start crying now


Microsoft Windows
Apple may be the cooler company, but Microsoft's where the money is.
Photo: Microsoft

If you’d had the foresight to invest in Apple and Microsoft back when they first went public, it’s no secret that you’d be sitting on a big old pile of cash today.

But which company would have made you more money? CNBC recently crunched the numbers and, well, the results are somewhat surprising.

Today in Apple history: Lousy quarter proves Steve Jobs isn’t invincible


$1 trillion value
A perfect storm of bad news leads to a massive $195 million quarterly loss for Apple.
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December 6: Today in Apple history: Apple suffers first quarterly loss since Steve Jobs' return December 6, 2000: Apple’s stock price falls after the company posts its first quarterly loss since Steve Jobs’ return to the company in 1997.

Shares tumble $3 to just $14 a share as doom-predicting pundits worry that the big Apple comeback might come screeching to a halt.

Little did they know….

Apple and suppliers suffer a bruising day on stock market


AAPL is having a tough time right now. At least comparatively.
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Apple stock took another plunge yesterday, finishing down 4.4 percent. The reason for the fall is continuing concerns about the iPhone, which have caused numerous analysts to downgrade their price targets for AAPL.

It’s not just Apple that’s being affected, either. The company’s suppliers have also been hit by fears about the future of iPhone sales. Multiple suppliers associated with Apple have seen their stock prices decline by up to 5 percent as a result.

FAANG stocks show signs of recovery after disastrous six weeks


Apple hardware
Is this the beginning of the turnaround?
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Tech stocks have bounced back slightly after their dismal showing over the past month-and-a-half. Four out of the five FAANG stocks — Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook — rose more than 1 percent in early trading today.

That’s not to say that the worst is behind them just yet, but it does suggest a turnaround could be on the cards. And not a moment too soon!

No, Microsoft didn’t overtake Apple as most valuable tech giant


But that does't mean it can't happen in the near future.
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A number of news outlets reported over the weekend that Microsoft briefly overtook Apple as the most valuable U.S. company. This followed several weeks of precipitous declines for Apple, which has seen billions of dollars wiped off its market cap.

In fact, Apple continues to lead Microsoft with a valuation of $817.6 billion to Microsoft’s $791 billion. The incorrect reports were caused by confusion about Apple’s number of outstanding shares, used to calculate market cap. Microsoft is definitely getting closer, though!

Led by Apple, major tech stocks drop $728 billion in 6 weeks


Big pile of cash underneath an Apple logo.
Apple is still worth a whole lot. Just not as much as it was.
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Apple’s market cap has taken one heck of a beating over the past six weeks. But it’s far from alone.

A new report notes that tech’s FAANG stocks (that’s Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) have lost a combined $728 billion of their combined value in one-and-a-half months. That’s slightly more than the GDP of Saudi Arabia and only a bit less than that of the Netherlands.

Weak iPhone demand rumors put the hurt on Apple stock


Apple stock is suffering right now.
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Apple stock has continued to slide in the wake of negative stories about iPhone order numbers. AAPL shares lost up 2 percent in premarket trading.

At time of writing, they are valued at $193.53 per share. That’s down from the $232.07 Apple hit in early October, back when the company was comfortably valued at over $1 trillion.