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The new Arabic app store could boost Apple's presence in the Middle East.
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Hackintosh will challenge the might of Apple’s new Mac Pro


Break out the tools everyone! It's time to build a Mac Pro hackintosh.
Break out the tools everyone!
Photo: Linus Tech Tips

Apple’s upcoming “cheese grater” Mac Pro promises to max out at 28 CPU cores. However, all that power comes at a jaw-dropping price, especially at the top end.

For that reason, the folks at YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips set about trying to build a “hackintosh” that can achieve the same specs — before Apple releases the Mac Pro.

Check out their video below.

iOS 13 bug exposes all your saved passwords


holding iPhone with
There's a bug in the latest version of iOS 13's beta.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Users have discovered a bug in the iOS 13 beta which makes it easy for people to access the “Website & App Passwords” data in Settings.

The security flaw makes it simple to bypass the biometric authentication section in Settings when accessing your iCloud Keychain passwords.


OurPact was booted from the App Store in February.
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Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs’ Apple turnaround continues


This is when we should have invested every cent in Apple stock.
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July 15: Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs' Apple turnaround continues with third profitable quarter July 15, 1998: Apple reports its third profitable quarter after the return of Steve Jobs, continuing the company’s remarkable turnaround.

Apple earns $101 million for the quarter, largely thanks to the success of the Power Mac G3. In the same quarter one year earlier, Apple lost $56 million. This marks the first time in three years that Cupertino managed three straight profitable quarters.

1989 NeXT catalog is a stylish trip back in time


Can this really have been 30 years ago?
Photo: NeXT

Looking for a dose of Monday nostalgia? If so, then you might enjoy checking out the 1989 fall catalog for NeXT, the company started by Steve Jobs during his years outside Apple.

Loving scanned by amateur computer historian Kevin Savetz, it’s a fun look at computing 30 years ago.

Apple stops selling cheaper iPhones in India


iPhone 6s made in India
Apple is changing up its strategy in India.
Photo: Apple

Apple has stopped selling its cheaper iPhones in India, driving up the price of an “entry-level” iPhone in the process.

A new report notes that Apple has stopped selling the iPhone SE, iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 6s Plus. This is part of a change of strategy on Apple’s part.

Apple Watch saves life of man stuck ‘hundreds of feet from shore’


Apple Watch Emergency SOS
The SOS Mode feature is a life-saver.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The Apple Watch’s amazing life-saving abilities continues. This time, the beneficiary is a Chicago-based Apple Watch owner who used the device’s SOS Mode after being knocked off his jet ski.

Phillip Esho was “hundreds of feet from shore” in Lake Michigan when he was hit with a big wave. Having lost his phone, and being knocked about, the Apple Watch came to his rescue.

Today in Apple history: Revolutionary MP3 format gets its name


The MP3 made the iPod possible.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

July 14: Today in Apple history: Revolutionary MP3 format gets its name July 14, 1995: The MP3 file format receives its official name as the new .bit file extension gets changed to .mp3. The technology allows compression of a standard CD .wav file to one-tenth its original size, courtesy of some smart algorithms.

The format will revolutionize the music industry — and put Apple on the road to world-conquering dominance.