iPhone X’s Face ID can’t be fooled by identical twins


Face ID iPhone X
Ensure Face ID is as fast as it can be.
Photo: UrAvgConsumer

Face ID on the iPhone X is so accurate, not even identical twins can fool it.

Reviewers now have their hands on the device ahead of its launch on Friday, which means we’re finding out new things about its awesome new features. Its Touch ID replacement isn’t perfect, it seems, but it’s darn impressive.

YouTube TV’s skinny bundle lands on Apple TV soon


YouTube TV
YouTube TV is coming to the big screen.
Photo: YouTube

YouTube TV will be available as a native app on the Apple TV “in the coming weeks.”

The service, which made its debut back in April priced at $35 a month, gives TV fans the ability to watch live streams from five major broadcast networks, as well as more than 40 cable channels.

YouTube stars show off iPhone X early


iPhone X first impressions
$1000 for an iPhone isn't too pricey, right?
Photo: Soldier Knows Best

Apple’s embargo on iPhone X reviews isn’t expected to lift until Tuesday, but it seems the company has allowed YouTube stars to give their first impressions early.

A bunch of hands-on videos have been published today, giving us a closer look at the company’s most anticipated product in years.

iPhone X preorders list for crazy money on eBay


iPhone X pre-order eBay
Don't buy this.
Photo: eBay

Within minutes of iPhone X going on sale this morning, initial stock of preorder units sold out. Not everyone who secured a handset for launch day delivery plans to keep their fancy new fetish phone, however.

Lucky early birds are already listing their iPhone X preorders on eBay, with some asking for crazy money — as much as $12,000!

iPhone X is now available to pre-order


iPhone X
Go order yours now!
Photo: Apple

Apple’s online store has returned, which means iPhone X is finally available to pre-order.

Prices start at $999 for a 64GB model, though you can get it cheaper by taking advantage of early carrier discounts. The device is also more affordable on the iPhone Upgrade Program, which lets you spread out the hefty upfront fee.

If you’re hoping to secure an iPhone X for launch day delivery on November 3, you’re going to need to act fast. Rumor has it that Apple has just 2-3 million units available, and they’re going to sell out in seconds.