One carrier restarts sales of 9-year-old iPhone 3GS


iPhone 3GS
Get yours for just $40.
Photo: SK Telink

In June 2009, Apple introduced the world to the iPhone 3GS. It was “the fastest, smartest phone yet,” with improved cameras, video recording, and voice control.

Nine years on, smartphones are a lot different — and the iPhone 3GS looks like a relic in comparison. But that hasn’t stopped one carrier from restarting sales at just $40 apiece.

Steam Link update for iOS hints at imminent App Store release


Valve Steam
Steam Link could finally be arriving soon.
Photo: Valve

WhatsApp confirms plans to drop support for iOS 7


WhatsApp won’t support your aging iPhone forever.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

WhatsApp has confirmed plans to drop support for iOS 7.

The hugely popular messaging service, owned by Facebook, will continue to work for a little while yet. However, WhatsApp warns that it is no longer actively developing for iOS 7, and certain features could stop working at any time.

2018 iPhone lineup will bring even faster charging


Topping up your iPhone could be faster than ever this fall.
Photo: Belkin

The 2018 iPhone lineup will pack improved charging technologies to make topping up faster than ever, according to a new report.

Apple might team up with new suppliers who can provide higher-powered charging components. The upgrade should finally allow the iPhone to compete with its Android rivals when it comes to charging speed.

Apple Support app for iOS hits 20 new countries


Apple Support
The Apple Support app makes it easy to get help on iOS.
Photo: Apple

The official Apple Support app for iOS has expanded its reach to 20 new countries and regions.

Free to download, the app provides users with technical support for Mac, iOS, and other Apple devices. It also provides the option to call, chat, or email an Apple Support representative.

macOS Mojave adds support for HTC Vive Pro VR headset


macOS Mojave makes VR easier than ever on Mac.
Photo: Apple

Who says Macs can’t do virtual reality? When macOS Mojave rolls out this fall, it will include plug-and-play support for HTC’s latest Vive Pro VR headset.

Apple has been working closely with HTC and Valve to make this possible. Vive Pro support isn’t yet available with the first macOS Mojave beta, but it is expected to be made available to developers and testers in a future beta release.

Microsoft is bringing Gears of War to iOS … with a twist


Gears Pop! lands on mobile in 2019.
Photo: Microsoft

Hit Microsoft franchise Gears of War is making the leap to mobile next year in Gears Pop!

Microsoft has teamed up with Mediatonic and Funko to bring the popular shooter to Android and iOS with a big twist. And yes, that’s the same Funko that creates adorable pop culture collectibles.

Enjoy the first trailer right here.

Fight in style with Fortnite’s new Wingman Starter Pack


Fortnite Wingman Starter Pack
The pack includes an outfit, back bling, and hundreds of V-Bucks.
Photo: Epic Games

Are you still playing Fortnite Battle Royale with the default skins? Have some respect for yourself!

Now is the time to pick up your first outfit. The new Wingman Starter Pack, available today, will have you looking fresh on the battlefield. It also gives you hundreds of V-Bucks to spend on other cosmetics, and it won’t break the bank.