Ed Hardy, author at Cult of Mac

Apple steps up iPhone assembly in India


Workers are already assembling iPhones in Indio.
Photo: Carnegie Council

Foxconn will begin shipping the iPhone 14 from its assembly plant in India almost as soon as its Chinese plant starts shipping Apple’s next smartphone, according to an industry analyst. This is apparently a sign that Apple is decreasing its dependence on China.

And Foxconn is reportedly building up its assembly capacity in India.

Apple Studio Display firmware update squashes pesky audio bug


Apple Studio Display
A firmware update for the Apple Studio Display is hopefully the end of the monitor's audio problems.
Photo: Apple

A firmware update released Thursday fixes an audio problem that has afflicted the Apple Studio Display. Users of the pricey monitors have been complaining of choppy playback, audio that cuts out unexpectedly and playback speed issues.

Previously, Apple’s only solution to the problem was a variation on “turn it off and then back on again.”

Mophie’s new 20,000 mAh power bank quickly charges two devices on the go


Carry 20,000 mAh with with Mophie Powerstation Pro
The Powerstation Pro external battery is just one of several charging accessories from Mophie that just debuted on the Apple store.
Photo: Zagg/Mophie

The Mophie Powerstation Pro boasts 20,000mAh of power, and dual USB-C ports to quickly deliver it to a MacBook or other computer at up to 45W. Apple likes the new power bank enough to launch it Thursday on its online store.

The same is true of the Mophie Speedport 120, a 4-port charger that can provide up to 120W of power.

In addition, a collection of car chargers from Mophie also just debuted on the Apple store.

iOS 16.5 could enhance iPhone 14 with reverse wireless charging


Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini review
Soon, other MagSafe power banks besides Apple might be able to receive power from an iPhone, not just transmit it.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple will add support for wirelessly charging accessories to the iPhone 14, according to a tipster. iPhones already have limited support for reverse wireless charging, but the capability is supposedly being expanded.

This would make a range of third-party MagSafe accessories more useful.

Redesigned 2022 iPad might hold on to Home button


Redesigned 2022 iPad might hold onto Home button
A side-by-side comparison with iPad 9 (right) shows the upcoming iPad 10 (left) will be wider.
Photo: Mysmartprice/Cult of Mac

The 10.2-inch iPad expected in fall 2022 supposedly will get a facelift. Leaked CAD drawing indicate the upcoming tablet will have a larger screen and the flat edges Apple includes in its other tablets.

But the low-cost iPad 10 reportedly will remain the last iPadOS device with a Home button after the redesign. The audio jack could be out, though.

Keep up with the latest home automation tech with Wemo Smart Dimmer with Thread


Keep up with the latest smartphone tech with Wemo's Smart Dimmer with Thread
Wemo’s latest dimmer switch uses HomeKit over Thread for fast, reliable connections.
Photo: Belkin/Wemo

Dimming your lights is just the most obvious feature of the newly announced Wemo Smart Dimmer with Thread. It uses mesh networking to provide fast, reliable connections to your HomeKit home-automation system so you can control the switch from anywhere – across the room or across the country.

Plus, the wall dimmer switch doesn’t require a neutral wire so it can be installed in older homes as easily as new ones.

iPadOS 16 might be delayed until October


iPadOS 16 Stage Manager
iPad users could be waiting longer than expected for iPadOS 16.
Image: Apple

iPadOS 16 reportedly won’t be introduced in September, as expected. Instead, the next major iPad upgrade has supposedly been pushed back by a month.

The upcoming version is packed with new features, including giving iPads with an M-series processor support for floating app windows on the tablet screen and on external displays

OWC’s rugged, waterproof SSD with Thunderbolt expands to 4TB capacity


OWC Envoy Pro FX was unveiled at CES 2021.
The OWC Envoy Pro FX portable SSD is designed for the urban jungle or a chaotic movie set.
Photo: OWC

The OWC Envoy Pro FX is a very rugged external SSD that previously topped out at 2TB, but is now available with 4TB of storage capacity.

The solid state drive is dustproof, drop-proof, and waterproof. It’s compatible with Mac, iPad, and many other devices. Plus, it supports Thunderbolt as well as USB connections.

Why Apple is (nearly) recession-proof


Apple’s financial results were all the company could ask for.
Analysts expect consumers to keep buying Apple products, no matter what the global economy does.
Graphic: Cult of Mac

Although economists can’t agree whether a global recession is on the way, it’s definitely a possibility. But Apple execs don’t seem to have a lot to worry about – market analysts remain generally upbeat about the company.

Here are comments from a range of experts that are sure to warm Apple CEO Tim Cook’s heart.