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Voice Isolation for phone calls finally coming to iPhone


Voice Isolation for phone calls finally coming to iPhone
Voice Isolation isn't just for FaceTime anymore.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Voice Isolation feature iPhone users have become accustomed to in video chats will soon expand to regular phone calls. It will make participants in these voice calls easier to understand.

This will be one of the major new features in iOS 16.4, which is expected in late March.

iPhone 14 Plus is more successful than iPhone 13 mini was


iPhone 14 Plus review: Go big or go home
iPhone 14 Plus is selling better than many had previously thought.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple’s experiment with the iPhone 14 Plus is paying off… somewhat. The first 6.7-inch non-Pro model is selling much better than the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini it replaced, according to a market analysis firm.

That said, the Plus reportedly has the weakest demand of any of the handsets Apple released in fall 2022.

iOS 16.4 and macOS 13.3 likely will launch next week


iOS 16.4 release candidate
The iOS 16.4 release candidate means the full version should reach iPhones everywhere before the end of March.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple seeded the release candidates for iOS 16.4 and macOS Ventura 13.3 to developers on Tuesday, signaling that beta testing for these upcoming operating systems is almost over. The same is true for the release candidates for iPadOS 16.4, watchOS 9.4 and tvOS 16.4.

These will usher in new emoji, a better way for devs to work with betas, and other changes.

Why iPhone is winning the global smartphone battle


iPhone shipments grow while Android tanks
If you bought a top-tier smartphone anywhere in the world, it's almost certainly an iPhone.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Premium smartphones are on a roll. Revenue from iPhone and other devices that cost more than $600 grew to the point that they contributed more than half of all revenue from the product category in 2022, according to a market research firm.

That’s to Apple’s advantage, as iPhone sales make up 75% of this category.

How to contact emergency services via satellite with iPhone 14


Apple launches free Emergency SOS via satellite on all iPhone 14 models
An iPhone 14 can save your neck by sending out an SOS for help over a satellite connection. Here's how.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

All iPhone 14 models can use Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite service in countries in N. America and Europe. It allows users of the latest iOS handsets to exchange messages with emergency services while outside of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage.

Getting an iPhone 14 in contact with a satellite isn’t complicated. But it’s something users should know before they need it.

Here’s how the process goes.

OtterBox iPhone case’s pop-up handle plays nice with MagSafe [Review] ★★★★☆


OtterBox OtterGrip Symmetry Series review★★★★☆
The OtterBox OtterGrip protects your iPhone and adds a handle that doesn't impede wireless charging.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

OtterBox’s new OtterGrip Symmetry Series case protects your iPhone, plus it includes a pop-up handle. What sets it apart from the competition is the handle doesn’t interfere with MagSafe wireless charging.

I wrapped my own iPhone 14 Plus in an OtterGrip. I found a lot to like.

Cool 8BitDo game controllers now support Apple devices


Cool 8BitDo game controllers now support Apple devices
A range of 8BitDo game controllers now work with Mac, iPad, Apple TV and more.
Image: 8BitDo

The selection of game controllers that can be used with Apple devices just grew, as a software update made multiple 8BitDo products compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

The accessory maker offers wired and wireless controllers that mimic Xbox and Playstation ones. And there’s the 8BitDo Lite SE, too.

Let’s hope the latest iPhone 15 leak is wrong


Leaked CAD images show iPhone 15 Pro mute button could prove problematic
The iPhone 15 Pro will supposedly have a solid-state volume rocker and mute switch.
Image: chenwen1987

The traditional mute switch on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max supposedly will be replaced with a static, touch-sensitive button. If true, it’s possible this will be too easy to activate so users don’t get the notifications they expect.

Just-leaked CAD images allegedly show how the buttons on the upcoming iPhones will look. And that they look very easy to press accidentally. It also doesn’t look like the new button would offer a visual cue that an iPhone is set to silent mode.

Russian officials ordered to get rid of their iPhones


Russia fines Apple for not storing data in country
Neither iPhone nor Android are secure enough to satisfy the Kremlin.
Photo: Bryan Jones/Flickr CC

Claiming that iPhones can be hacked by Western intelligence agencies, the Kremlin reportedly told government officials involved in the 2024 Russian election to get rid of their iPhones.

A Kremlin spokesperson then told Reuters that government officials shouldn’t use a smartphone at all, Android or iPhone.