Yes, your 5G iPhone supports new C-band service from AT&T and Verizon


5G iPhone
C-band 5G is here, and it’s available on every 5G iPhone and iPad.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Both AT&T and Verizon began rolling out a new 5G version on Wednesday. And getting access via C-band doesn’t require getting a new iPhone. If your iOS device supports 5G, it can use the new version.

The same goes for iPad. If it has built-in 5G, it supports C-band.

BookBook Cover turns iPad and keyboard into a medieval tome


BookBook Cover turns iPad and keyboard into a medieval tome
Adds some library camouflage to your iPad and keyboard with the Twelve South BookBook Cover.
Photo: Twelve South

While there are a lot of generic iPad cases, the new BookBook Cover from Twelve South is completely eye opening. It turns an iPad and keyboard into a leather-bound book. While making the tablet look medieval, it’s also protecting the valuable computer inside from bumps and blows.

Unlike the standard BookBook Case for iPad, this version has room to hold an Apple Magic Keyboard.

WeCrashed Apple TV+ trailer shows heady days before epic fall of WeWork


‘WeCrashed’ Apple TV+ trailer shows heady days before epic fall of WeWork
Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway will star in WeCrashed on Apple TV+, premiering spring 2022.
Photo: Apple TV+

The first trailer for the Apple TV+ series WeCrashed focuses on the eerie cult of personality that WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann built before his company crashed. The series will star Jared Leto as Neumann, with Anne Hathaway playing his wife (and fellow WeWork exec), Rebekah.

The series will portray “the love story at the center of it all,” according to Apple. The streaming service also revealed on Wednesday the premiere date for the WeWork series: March 18, 2022.

Write easily and accurately on iPad or iPhone with this active stylus [Review]


Adonit Neo Duo and Adonit Neo review
You don’t need an Apple Pencil just to take notes. Consider the Adonit Neo Duo or Adonit Neo instead.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Writing on an iPad with a fingertip is ridiculous, but an Apple Pencil is overkill for many people. The Adonit Neo Duo is an active stylus with a fine tip that works well for taking notes of sketching. As a bonus, press a button and it also writes on iPhone. It even clings to the side of several iPad models.

There’s also the Adonit Neo, a simpler version that just works with iPad.

I tested the capabilities of both styli. And I found a lot to like.

Eurasian filings reveal new iPhone and iPad coming soon


Eurasian filings reveal new iPhone and iPad coming soon
Not a rumor. Proof that a new iPhone and iPad will launch within a few months.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

The Eurasian Economic Commission confirmed that Apple plans to release a new iPhone and iPad in the near future. The devices appear in the online database of the regulatory agency.

These are almost certainly the next-generation iPhone SE and iPad Air 5.

Here’s more proof iPad will get gorgeous OLED screens


Here's more proof iPad will get gorgeous OLED screens
An iPad with a beautiful OLED display seems inevitable at this point. It’s only a question of when.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Multiple companies are reportedly gearing up to produce OLED displays for future iPad models. This would lead to a noticeable improvement in image quality.

But it’s apparently not going to happen before 2023.

Budget iPad might get a face-lift in 2023


New budget iPad 9 gets better video chat, doubles storage
The 2022 iPad 10 will reportedly look essentially like the current iPad 9. But just wait until 2023!
Photo: Apple

The bad news is the 2022 basic iPad 10 will be a simple “speed bump” update, according to a tipster. But the good news is it will reportedly be followed by a redesigned version in 2023.

While the 10.2-inch iPad doesn’t often make headlines, its $329 price draws in plenty of buyers. Any change is sure to affect many people.

iPhone 14 non-Pro models might not get ProMotion displays after all


iPhone 13 Pro models get Apple's ProMotion display technology.
iPhone 13 Pro models have Apple's ProMotion display technology. But the two “standard” iPhone 14 models apparently won’t.
Photo: Apple

A reliable source shot down an earlier leak about the the two “standard’ iPhone 14 models including 120Hz ProMotion screens. This would have brought them closer in line with Apple’s Pro handsets that already have the feature.

This is an example of the challenges of making predictions about a handset that is still many months away.