Apple teams with PBS to broadcast beloved Peanuts holiday specials


Apple will let PBS broadcast ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ for everyone to see.
Everyone can watch a broadcast of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on PBS. No computer required.
Photo: Apple

Apple has an answer for all who want to watch Peanuts specials on regular TV. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving debuts Wednesday for Apple TV+ subscribers, but it’ll also be broadcast later this month on PBS stations across the US. The companion special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, will also appear on Apple’s streaming service as well as PBS stations in December.

Apple TV+ recently acquired the rights to all Peanuts holiday specials. The deal brought loud criticism when It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown didn’t appear on broadcast TV for the first time in decades, but only online. The team up with PBS is apparently Apple’s fix.

Apple settles multistate ‘Batterygate’ investigation for $113 million


iPhone batteries
Batterygate is long over, but Apple is still dealing with the repercussions of a severe lapse in judgement.
Photo: iFixIt

Apple came to a settlement with a group of U.S. state attorneys general over 2017’s “Batterygate.” The iPhone-maker will pay $113 million spread around 30 states to end the investigation.

This comes closer to ending Apple’s problems resulting from not telling customers it was throttling the performance of older iPhones to prevent the devices from unexpectedly shutting down.

macOS 11.1 shows Apple changed the way its assigns version numbers


macOS 11.1 beta 1 was seeded to developers on November 17.
The first macOS Bug Sur 11.1 beta seems to indicate we’ll probably get macOS 12 in 2021.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Less than a week after the very messy launch of macOS Big Sur 11.0.1, Apple seeded the first beta of the replacement to developers. Apple hasn’t yet revealed what new feature are coming in version 11.1.

But the new version number indicates Apple changed the system it uses to assign such things.

Amazon warehouse employees allegedly steal $590,000 worth of iPhones


Amazon packages delivered
Stealing an iPhone is easy if you work at an Amazon fulfillment center. Not getting caught is harder.
Photo: Morning Brew/Unsplash

Spanish National Police arrested a group of five Amazon warehouse employees in Madrid for a sneaky scheme to ship iPhones to accomplices who hadn’t paid for them. If the accusations hold up in court, the scofflaws stole nearly $600,000 worth of Apple handsets.

Get wowed by amazing camera tech in Earth at Night in Color on Apple TV+


‘Earth At Night In Color’ premiers December 4 on Apple TV+.
Earth At Night In Color journeys into the night , and makes it like day.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s next nature docuseries goes where ordinary cameras fear to tread: the darkness. Earth at Night in Color uses cutting-edge camera technology to explore life after dark in ways not possible before.

Watch the official trailer for the Apple TV+ series to get a first glimpse.

Zagg folio case offers the keys to unlock iPad Pro productivity [Updated review]


Zagg Slim Book Go review
With the Zagg Slim Book Go your iPad Pro becomes a 2-in-1 tablet/notebook.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

An iPad Pro is powerful mobile computer. Add a Zagg Slim Book Go and you get a genuine MacBook competitor.

We typed our way through a full review of this keyboard folio case for Apple’s latest pro tablet, so dive in to see if it’s the add-on your iPad has been looking for.