Hundreds Of Users Hit By iTunes ‘Invalid Address’ Error, Here’s How To Fix It



A growing number of iTunes customers are reporting that they are unable to make purchases or upgrade apps, and Apple’s new method of validating addresses might be to blame. Here’s what went wrong, and how to fix it.

Over the weekend, a number of Cult of Mac readers wrote to us to tell us that they were suddenly getting an “Invalid address” error on iTunes purchases and App Store upgrades, even without having changed their addresses.

Sure enough, a growing number of Apple customers are reporting the issue in the Apple Support Communities, as well as complaining about it on Twitter.

The issue seems to be caused by Apple’s recent addition of address verification to iTunes.

If you don’t have a credit card associated with your iTunes account and are getting the “invalid address,” one way to fix it is actually pretty funny: just use Apple’s own address for your iTunes address, as in the screenshot below:

Otherwise, your best bet is to change your address to an exact match with your bank or credit card’s on-file address, while also cross referencing it with USPS’s correct zip code lookup form.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear cut answer right now as to what precisely works, and solutions seem to differ per person. If you’ve had the invalid address error, drop us a line in our comments and tell us what’s worked (or hasn’t).

This isn’t the only problems iTunes has had this weekend. On Friday night, thousands of iOS devices were temporarily rendered unusable when Apple’s iTunes activation servers toppled.

  • Jaime_Rivera

    I fixed it by simply fixing my address. I had the numbers of the street and the letters ST stuck together. I simply separated them.

  • minimalist1969

    My Apple TV started doing this last Tuesday.   I solved it by opening iTunes on my computer,  copying and pasting the address on file with my credit card (case sensitive. all caps, ST not St., and using the 4 digit zip code extension) saving it, and rebooting the Apple TV.

  • JNGold

    I fixed my issue by removing a “-” in the address line.  The removal of the dash then matched the credit card listing.

  • Wardinger

     Finally… I switched my payment method from Visa to Paypal.

  • Benjamin Blake

     Had this problem for a week…eventually i got really tired of it and i just rewrote my information and it worked out fine.

  • Ed Paffett

    This completely sucks. I’m in the US Air Force. I’ve been living in Germany for the past five years and use iTunes to keep up with all the current shows and for eBooks.

    Now because I have an APO address and they’ve implemented this new scheme, my iPad has become useless.

    None of these fixes here worked for me.

  • Guest

    go to
    enter your address
    usps will give you how it should be listed in itunes
    make sure you use the zip+4 code

    edit your billing info inside itunes, not on your ios device.

  • CJ

    I also use an APO (in Korea) and went to the usps site to double check the address.  I entered it as the site had it, no PO Box number and the zip as it was. I could immediately use Itunes again. Just did it.

  • Dolores302

     i just fix mine it was pissing me off turns out i didnt have the correct phone number, changed number to my current one and fix it

  • Jrzeider

    Nothing has worked for me. I tried three different credit cards. I work at the bank so I know my address matches what’s on file. I purchased a song on Sunday night and it worked. By monday it had invalid address message.

  • Michael Rygaard

     look up your address on Google Earth.. that worked for me… 
    also some say use the address that is on the paper from your credit card company.

    in any the rules case punctuation and short words, has changed… and for what .. /Sigh

  • Relliktwen

    Personally I simply put the address of the White House, worked perfectly the first time.

  • Guest

     apple’s address worked for me

  • Guest

     I don’t think I’ll buy anything until this is fixed. I’ll be honest it’s got me a little spooked. but thanks for the info. Please keep us updated!

  • Melann1974

     This happened to my son’s iPhone today.  Tried several times with no avail.  I finally removed our address and put in his Dad’s address and it worked perfectly (at least for now).  

  • lb*****

    I spent an hour in vain trying to retype (spelling out street? abbreviating?) any which variation of my address.  Still no dice.  One weird thing was once it listed my county, it had three further options all of which were listed as ‘city center’.  I kept mixing up the one I would choose and it didn’t seem to make a different either.  Argh. 

  • whack.amole

     I think it’s fixed now. I was trying an hour ago on both my phone and my iPad and nothing worked. Now suddenly it works and I didn’t do anything else. Good Luck all!!

  • Remark

     APO addresses worldwide are useless according to Apple now. Go Apple for supporting the troops.  to Apple now. Go Apple for supporting the troops. 

  • Remark

    My APO zip in the Caribbean wont even show up on the website.   wont even show up on the website.  

  • Tanker

     CJ the usps site doesn’t recognize my APO here at Camp Casey. What, if you don’t mind me asking, address did you put in?

  • Tanker

    I got it….. APO AP guys I crammed all of my address into the single address line and used my zip all together. Instead of 96224-5098 I took out the dash and it worked.  The USPS thing helped but only cause it searched faster than iTunes.

  • CJ

     I didn’t need a Box number. So PSC xxx APO AP and the full zip with dash

  • Richie Schut

    Works great unless your address is not verified by the USPS.  More info at