Despite Rocky Start And Dev Controversy, Apple Launches 100th iAd Campaign



When Apple first launched iAds back in April 2010, it was widely criticized by developers and advertisers due to Apple’s strict design requirements and a huge $1 million buy-in rate. iAds has finally gained momentum, though, and Apple just announced its 100th iAd campaign. How’d Apple turn things around?

By engaging with customers “like no other mobile advertiser can,” says real estate company Coldwell Baker, who launched the 100th campaign: an interactive advertisement that allows users to search for their ideal home.

The advertising campaign began in late March and has achieves an average of 11 pages viewed per visit; an average user engagement time of more than one minute; and tap rates 5 times higher than normal online banner ads; and conversion rates 4 times higher than online search ads.

Michael Fischer, Coldwell Baker’s Chief Marketing Officer, described how the iAd platform goes beyond traditional ads:

We know that mobile marketing is critical to the future of our consumer engagement. The iAd platform and its unique custom targeting allows us to engage with consumers like no other mobile advertisement can. We go way beyond banner ads and search terms to offer an informative and entertaining custom home search tool. With iAd, Coldwell Banker essentially becomes a positive part of the user’s overall app experience.

Apple recently reduced the minimum buy-in rate to $500,000; launched an iAd design tool for the Mac; and rolled out interactive, full-screen adverts on the iPad. It also released an iAd Gallery App that allows users to view iAds until their heart’s content. All of these steps seem to have strengthened the platform, which I’m sure will only continue to grow.

iAds are now accessible in 7 countries including the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K., and it continues to outperform online and TV advertising across many key categories.

[via The Loop]