New iMac In The House: Review Coming Tomorrow



Look what just arrived at CultofMac towers here in San Francisco. Yes, it’s one of Apple’s awesome new Core i5 iMacs.

It’s a $1,999 27-inch i5 model (It’s stock — no build-to-order options. Couldn’t wait a month).

As you can see, it can handily power another 27-inch iMac as an external monitor. (It’s hooked to a 2010 iMac, reviewed here last year). This is going to replace an aging Mac Pro I use for work. It just radiates awesomeness.

I’ll get started on the review as soon as  deal with a major plumbing emergency here at home.

  • Michael

    thats cool, how do you get the old iMac to work as a second monitor?

  • androidin

    ohh wawoo nice awesome

  • besweeet

    They’re capable of acting as a standalone monitor via mini-DisplayPort.

  • Edgar Rios

    ahhh i wish i worked at cult of mac :c

  • Phil Reece

    I’m typing my reply on a brand-spankin’ new QC Core i5 27″ iMac, and LOVING IT!!!! Cheers.

  • MichaelTheGeek

    Looks good.

  • Michael

    yeah, but how does the old iMac know to act as a monitor, rather than the new one acting as one?

  • Warren Liebold

    OK, so what’s the usual time period between product launch and appearance at Best Buy?

  • Ed

    For those that don’t want to wait for Leander’s plumbing problems, Macworld have already lab tested all four standard configuration models. Excellent detailed breakdown of results here –

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira

    I hope ( fingers crossed ) this will be my new Mac, and i will buy it from ?Store.

    Mainly for modo and Maya will be great!

    Did you call Joe or it is you to do the work?

  • KillianBell

    There’s a function key to switch between its own display and its video input.

  • Samba&

    Hey, check out the comments on the old iMac Review!

  • lkahney

    I did the plumbing work myself. Burst waste pipe under the kitchen sink. Most of the work was multiple trips to the hardware store.

  • lkahney

    I just plugged it in via the Mini DisplayPort cable. The other Mac switches to being a monitor. And it keeps running in the background. Just pull the cable and there it is in its former state. It’s pretty sweet: couldn’t be easier.