Rumor: iPhone 5 Gets Tapered Design, Larger Screen, Gesture-Sensitive Home Button?



Apple may be prototyping an iPhone 5 with a tapered design, a larger 3.7-inch screen and a gesture-sensitive Home Button.

This is according to the ex-Engadget crew at the new “This my Next” website, who whipped up the mockup above to illustrate the various rumors they’re hearing.

  • New design: Apple is testing several prototypes (we all know this) and one of the leading candidates for the iPhone 5 is thinner than the current iPhone 4 and looks “more like the iPod touch.” It has a teardrop shape – thinner at the bottom than the top, like the new MacBook Air.
  • Gesture-sensitive Home Button: The Home Button will be bigger and will understand a gestures. “Our sources say that gestures are definitely coming in a future version of iOS,” says
  • Larger screen: the screen will go up to 3.7-inches, not 4-inches as rumored. It will keep the current resolution, dropping pixel density goes from 326 to 312, but will still be a Retina Display (it’s still above 300ppi).
  • No Bezel: Screen will be edge-to-edge, occupying the entire front of the iPhone. That means no bezel (or almost no bezel).
  • Hidden earpiece & mouthpiece: The earpiece and sensors are behind the screen itself.
  • Inductive charging: It may or may not have wireless inductive charging. Crystal ball is cloudy.
  • NFC: Likewise it may or may not have NFC.
  • Global radio chips: It’ll be based on Qualcomm’s dual GSM/CDMA Gobi chipset, which means it’ll work on a ton of GSM and CDMA networks worldwide, most importantly in China.

Joshua Topolsky warns, however, that none of this is set in stone: “Keep in mind that this info isn’t fact — we’re getting lots of threads from lots of places and trying to make sense of the noise. The versions of devices our sources are seeing could be design prototypes and not production-ready phones. Still, there are strong indications that Apple will surprise a public that’s expecting a bump more along the lines of the 3G to 3GS — and this is some insight into where those designs might be headed.”

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62 responses to “Rumor: iPhone 5 Gets Tapered Design, Larger Screen, Gesture-Sensitive Home Button?”

  1. Barton Lynch says:

    YESSSSS sounds amazing
    inductive charging <333333

  2. gregbish says:

    WOW, jizz in my pants style

  3. bored says:

    I think this is just hype. We heard a lot of magnificent rumors about the macbook pro, the macbook air and the ipad2 before they came out – few, if any of them were realized in the products released. The macbook pro had no grafite body, the ipad 2 does not have retina display or a SD card slot, etc.
    I would assume more in the “bump” direction. Dont get your hopes up, then be pleasantly surprised if something wildly different DOES come out.

  4. gregbish says:

    defiantly the right mentality

  5. Danielsw says:

    I think it’s feasible, but I seem to recall reading an article mentioning Apple winning a patent for its stainless steel frame. Seems like they’d want to keep using it for a while longer.

  6. Joshua says:

    You know how awkward it would be to hold an (i)phone shaped like that? Eww. If it was tapered like that, it’d be heavier on the top, making it just unpractical and cumbersome. IMO.

  7. TylerHoj says:

    Besides, I don’t think Apple will have a soft metal backing on the iPhone 5 because it looks too much like an iPod touch. Each Apple product is very distinctive in it’s looks from other product categories. Something to which Apple probably does to draw more appeal to a wider array of products as opposed to conforming to one standard design. If anything, we’ll see the iPhone 5 stay the same, or possibly see a shape like the iPod classic’s back, only thinner and made of macbook pro type aluminum.

  8. TylerHoj says:

    I am however VERY interested in this home button. Imagine sliding to lock over top of the home button. The good ol’ slide n’ lock is really starting to loose it’s shine and originality.

  9. CharliK says:

    Agreed. And I”m not sure that they could fit everything in a shape like that. Especially if they are going to have both GSM and CDMA in a single line up.

    I think that the thickness of the iphone 4 will continue. but the reduced bezel could be true.

  10. davester13 says:

    Great. Somebody is going to make a wood handle with a slot in it for the iPhone, then say it can work as an axe.

  11. Joshua says:

    Forgot to mention… if tapered like so, then say bye-bye to landscape view. I really don’t see it happening :).

  12. me says:

    I really like the slab design of the iPhone 4. A thinner slab would be great. I hope this does not happen.

  13. scotty says:

    Whatever you call it, iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 will still be a huge hit to consumers. I just hope that the location tracking will never be an issue again once this 5th generation device comes out. With the use of A5 chip, this phone will be everyone’s first choice when buying their next handheld device, especially for gamers.

  14. yopdesign says:

    I wish they come up with more battery life and fast charging battery.. We always face the battery problems right? Wish to have iPhone that can survive just like iPad or even more..

  15. Roman Sima says:

    In my opinion it could look like: http://romanvladimirsima.blogs

  16. Amazed says:

    One word: Fugly.

  17. Belly2009 says:

    All are rumors, and that’s only mockup! So the real one we should don’t know, and only the Apple know, but it won’t let’s know until it’s going to release~
    Hmm, also read this “Engineering images of iPhone 5 leaked?“ , but seems that is not an image of the iPhone 5, I will say that if the real iPhone 5 has a back of similar design (and gorgeous brushed grain), it will be the first iPhone that looks better than the original.

    But anyways, knowing Apple, whether it has an Aluminum, Glass, or Liquid Metal back it will turn out great!

  18. Allan Cook says:

    I like your concept, Roman. Very classy and very elegant.

  19. Roman Sima says:

    Thx Allan, I appreciate it.

  20. Allan Cook says:

    I don’t think this design is an improvement over the iPhone 4. What is gained by pushing the screen to the absolute margins? Icons are the same size and the same number fit on the screen. This borderless concept is a design fail.

  21. Edgar Rios says:

    the lowest ppi you can’t notice is 180ppi.
    if it’s lower than 180ppi, you will notice the pixels.
    if it’s above 180, it’s invisible to the human eye.
    that means apple could release a 3.7 or 4 or 5 or 7 inch iphone anytime without affecting developers.

  22. Edgar Rios says:

    it’s not the final one. -.-

  23. Edgar Rios says:

    imagine how out-dated the iphone 4 will look with the iphone 5.
    just like the iphone 3gs with the iphone 4

  24. Edgar Rios says:

    that’s really cool!. what rendering program did you use?

  25. Roman Sima says:

    Thx. I used Cinema4D for this Project

  26. Edgar Rios says:

    Thanks! I wanna start moving on to rendering programs from Photoshop,… new project for the summer haha
    and the ipad 3 on ur website looks nice too :D

  27. Sam says:

    this one doesn’t have a ringer off/on switch

  28. Brody Finnigan says:

    Alright ladies,

    If iPhone 5 isn’t going to be redesigned, it will be debuted at WWDC, no questions asked. Same display, better camera, better CPU, better GPU. Those differences can be made very easily and Apple would be ready to ship in late June were that the design.

    iPhone 5 will likely be a redesign, whether or be like this:

    The highlights:
    Apple’s A5 SoC (1.0GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex A9 w/ PowerVR SGX543MP2 and 512 MB RAM)
    64GB Option
    8 Megapixel camera, as leaked by Sony CEO Howard Stringer. (It may also carry an “HD” FaceTime camera similar to those shipping with the current MacBook Pro lineup)
    Qualcomm’s dual GSM / CDMA Gobi chipset
    A larger display (960×640 at 312 ppi, an unnoticeable difference to the human eye at 12 inches that wouldn’t require any redesign from developers)
    A newly designed capacitive-touch home button capable of basic gestures (likely multitasking and home functions).
    And lastly, a metal backing made from Apple’s new alloy, LiquidMetal (A very durable radio transparent alloy) or some new Carbon Fiber material.

  29. Roman Sima says:

    Good Luck with That! There’s never too late :)

  30. Brody Finnigan says:

    Allan, I think once you see the new iPhone with the larger display, it will all become clear. ;)

  31. vsocio says:

    No iphone 5 will launch this june..sad but true….

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