Apple Music will be free to some Verizon customers


Apple Music charts
Verizon customers could get a treat worth dancing about.
Photo: Apple

Update: Verizon has officially confirmed this offer. 

“When we introduced six months free of Apple Music to Verizon Unlimited subscribers, we said it was just the beginning of a great collaboration between Verizon and Apple to bring music streaming to our loyal customers,” said Angie Klein, vice president of marketing at Verizon. “Our customers loved the offer, so we’re expanding the value of our Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans by including Apple Music at the same plan price. You can stream more of the music you love on the network you deserve.”

According to a new report, Verizon is set to offer Apple Music as a freebie service to customers on two of its “unlimited” cell phone plans. This would, in essence, reduce Apple’s $9.99 per month subscription costs to zero — while boosting Apple’s subscriber numbers as well.

Apple seeds iOS 12.1 beta 3 to developers


Group FaceTime
iOS 12.1 brings back group FaceTime.
Photo: Apple

Developers received a brand new beta for iOS 12.1 this morning, bringing a host of new tweaks and performance improvements to the iPhone and iPad.

iOS 12.1 beta 3 comes one week after Apple seeded the last beta build to developers. The company also released the third beta builds of watchOS 5.1 and tvOS 12.1 to developers today.

Why AT&T customers could have a first shot at a 5G iPhone


AT&T logo
AT&T is way, way ahead of the competition in rolling out mobile 5G.
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Anyone eagerly awaiting a 5G iPhone probably should be an AT&T subscriber. This wireless service provider will have mobile 5G service in a dozen cities before any of its rivals have it in even one.

Still, rival Verizon hit a milestone today by making the world’s first 5G NR call from a smartphone-size device.

iPhone Upgrade Program welcomes T-Mobile customers online


iPhone X on its box
Just in time for new iPhone upgrades this fall!
Photo: Apple

T-Mobile customers can now sign up to the iPhone Upgrade Program online — just in time for Apple’s big 2018 upgrades.

Online enrollment was previously available to those on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, while T-Mobile subscribers were forced to visit their local Apple Store. The process will be a little easier for those looking to buy a new iPhone this fall.

Verizon 5G package will include 4K Apple TV and YouTube TV


Apple TV 4K sale. Get yourself a good deal on the latest Apple TV 4K.
Get yourself a good deal on the latest Apple TV 4K.
Photo: Apple

As part of its effort to get a jump on the competition when it comes to 5G networks, Verizon reportedly plans to offer a free 4K Apple TV to customers.

Verizon will be the first mobile carrier to offer 5G residential broadband service in the U.S. later this year, and it’s trying to lure subscribers in with a deal on Apple TV 4k plus discounted YouTube TV, which usually costs $40 per month.

Apple and Verizon begin an ‘exclusive partnership’ with music deal


Get an extended trial of Apple Music with your Verizon Unlimited plan.
Photo: Apple

U.S. telecoms try to lure new customers with free streaming services. Verizon has teamed up with Apple to offer half a year of Apple Music at no additional cost.

What’s even ore interesting is that the wireless provider calls this “just the first step in an exclusive partnership with Apple.”

AT&T’s 5G coverage dominates competition (for now)


AT&T store2
Verizon is behind arch-rival AT&T in deploying mobile 5G. Sprint and T-Mobile are trailing.
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Verizon just reveled that Houston will be the third city getting its super-speedy 5G service before the end of this year. But there’s huge caveat: this is fixed service, only for homes and businesses.

In contrast, AT&T will launch mobile 5G service in six cities this year. This shows how far ahead it is than the competition.

Verizon wants to team up with Apple or Google for 5G TV


apple tv
The long-rumored Apple live TV package could get a helping hand from Verizon.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Verizon wants to hook up with either Apple or Google to provide TV services when it launches its super fast 5G service to customers in Los Angeles and Sacramento, a new report claims.

The idea is that packaging Verizon’s 5G online TV with either Google’s YouTube TV or an as-yet-unnanounced Apple TV package would help Verizon to showcase its new service.

Three more cities will get super-fast AT&T 5G this year


AT&T logo
AT&T and arch-rival Verizon will be among the first U.S. carriers to offer 5G.
Photo: Luismt94/Wikipedia CC

AT&T promised to bring the next generation of cellular wireless technology to a dozen cities before the end of this year. It just hasn’t revealed which ones yet.

The carrier started the teasing process a few months ago, announcing that Atlanta, Dallas and Waco, Texas, will get mobile 5G.

AT&T finds sneaky way to squeeze extra $800 million out of customers


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AT&T is making customers pay for its Time Warner merger.
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AT&T customers might start noticing that their monthly bills just got a little bit more expensive.

In a move to raise some more cash after spending $85.4 billion to buy Time Warner, AT&T has increased the price of its customer service fees. The increase itself is pretty small, but when applied to AT&T’s entire customer base, it could help the telecommunications carrier bring in an extra $800 million in revenue this year.