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iPhone and Mac top Fortune’s list of ‘greatest designs of modern times’


Both iPhone and the 1984 Macintosh make Fortune’s list of “The greatest designs of modern times.”
The iPhone and the Macintosh are first and second on a list of the greatest designs of our time.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Fortune asked experts what product designs they consider truly great, and Apple features very prominently in the responses. iPhone and Mac captured the top two places in the list of 100, and has four products in the top 20.

They beat out some other amazing designs, from Lego bricks and the 747 to the Apollo 11 spacecraft.

Apple adds third company to exclusive list of iPhone manufacturers


iPhone XS Max
Foxconn doesn’t assemble every iPhone. And soon there’ll be another company putting together iOS handsets.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple reportedly will expand the number of companies that can assemble iPhones. Luxshare Precision could join a rather exclusive club, according to reliable analyst, supposedly to reduce the risk that problems with one manufacturer will cause a shortage of iPhone units.

EU regulators move closer to banning Lightning cable


The bottom of the XR: The Lightning port isn't perfectly aligned with the speaker holes, and of course, there's no speaker jack.
The days every iPhone has a Lightning port may well be numbered.
Photo: Kristal Chan/Cult of Mac

In a move that seems squarely aimed at killing Apple’s Lightning port, a large majority of the European Parliament voted in favor of establishing a common charger standard for mobile devices.

This is only a step in a process that is likely to see the Lightning connector banned from devices sold in Europe, but it’s a significant one.

Mother saves daughter’s life with Find My Friends app


Find My Friends
Keep your iPhone close by.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

When 17-year-old Macy Smith was late coming home and didn’t answer her phone, her mother knew something was wrong. But she was able to track the girl down thanks to the Find My Friends application on her daughter’s iPhone, even though Smith was trapped in a wrecked car at the bottom of an embankment.

Mobile officially tops TV as American’s biggest time waster


iPhone XR 1
It’s been coming a long time, but Americans now spend more hours a day on our phones and tablets than we do watching TVs.
Photo: Apple

US adults spend more time on their phones and tablets than watching traditional televisions. While phone use has been on the rise for years even as TV use dropped, the most recent annual survey done by eMarketer is the first in which mobile devices came out on top.

Only a few years ago, TV use was significantly ahead of phones and tablets. Not any more.

Even Huawei’s CEO prefers iPhone


Long-term iPhone XR demand could eventually lead to greater sales than the iPhone XS.
Apparently, the CEO of Huawei would rather have one of these iPhones than a handset made by his own company.
Photo: Apple

Rising trade tensions have brought calls in China to boycott Apple devices in favor of Huawei handsets, but the iPhone has an unlikely cheerleader: the CEO of Huawei admits he buys iPhones for his family.

“One can’t narrowly think love for Huawei should mean loving Huawei phones,” said CEO and founder Ren Zhengfei.

iPhone, Apple Watch could get poison gas sensor


A future Apple Watch might be able to alert you that you’re breathing poison.
A future Apple Watch might be able to alert you that you’re breathing poison.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple is considering adding a poison gas sensor to its mobile products. This would enable your iPhone or Apple Watch to detect if you’re being exposed to carbon monoxide or another harmful chemicals.