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‘Gift Plan’ Ensures You’ll Never Miss a Birthday or Anniversary Again, and Today it’s Free!



Gift Plan(Free for today – usually $0.99) iPhone – Productivity

Gift Plan is a fantastic little application for the iPhone that could save you a lot of trouble. Usually $0.99 – but free for 24 hours – it will remind you of special occasions and ensure you never miss a birthday or anniversary again.

Sync Gift Plan with Facebook and your device’s contacts list to import birthdays of friends and family – you will receive a notification when a special date is coming up – plus one on the day – so you can’t forget it. You can then use the application to plan your gift buying; keep notes that help you remember gift ideas for your friends, their personal tastes, things they want, and even their clothes size.

I find that using this application to plan ahead for birthdays and anniversaries makes the whole process of gift buying a great deal easier. Gone are the days when I’m frantically rushing around shops to grab a list minute gift with no idea of what to buy.

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