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You can’t lose this backpack with AirTag-type tracking built in [Review]


HyperPack Pro review★★★★
An integrated tracking tag sets HyperPack Pro apart from other high-end backpacks.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The HyperPack Pro has room for a 16-inch MacBook plus plenty of other gear in three big pockets, three more smaller ones plus more inner pockets. But what sets the backpack apart is a built-in tracker using Apple’s Find My technology so it can easily be found if misplaced or accidentally left behind.

I field tested the bag from Hyper by taking it on holiday. Here’s everything I love about it … and a few small issues.

Hyper’s HyperPack Pro review

Apple computers are so powerful and offer such long battery lives that you really could get away with traveling with only a MacBook or iPad in a small case with room for a charger.

But if you’re like me, you need to carry a separate iPhone cable, plus a charger for an Apple Watch. And an external battery in case I spend a lot of time without access to a wall socket. Plus, I really prefer to work with an portable, external display. And I never go anywhere without a collection of adapters, spare cables and a thumbdrive with an emergency movie collection on it. So … rather a lot of gear.

HyperPack Pro has pockets for everything I need, with room to spare.

Room for your 16-inch MacBook and lot more

HyperPack Pro pockets have pockets
The HyperPack Pro has storage for so much gear, its pockets have pockets.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

I’m sure I don’t need to explain the basic design of a backpack. (Technically, this is daypack but let’s not get pedantic.) But Hyper added plenty of additional features to this one.

As I noted before, there are three big zippered pockets, all of which have internal dividers or pouches, some with zippers, some without. And there are three more smaller, external zippered pockets. Plus a couple to hold water bottles.

In fact, the HyperPack Pro has so many pockets that I used it for a week before I realized there was a big pocket I’d never discovered before. Yeah, a lot of zippers and pockets.

That’s not a complaint. I already mentioned that I carry a ton of gear when I’m going on holiday or a business trip. There’s plenty of room for everything.

Actually, there’s more than enough room. Even with the HyperPack Pro loaded up with MacBook, iPad, external screen and other gear there’s a whole big empty pocket. The backpack is ready for people who carry even more than I do, like a couple’ and all their computers.

That said, when packing for my beach holiday I ran into one of the few drawbacks of the HyperPack Pro: none of the pockets are well suited for carrying anything thick. My game controller in its case is bulky and about 2.5 inches thick and it doesn’t fit well anywhere in this backpack when it’s loaded with computers, etc. All the pockets are designed to hold items roughly the shape of a notebook so they are deep and wide but skinny. There’s no good place for something that’s thick.

Still, some of the pockets do useful tricks. An interior one provides RFID protection for credit cards. And there’s “hidden” lumbar pocket to protect cash and your passport from being stolen. It’s not exactly hidden, but it is where a pickpocket can’t reach.

Plus, Hyper built in a system of small openings between pockets enabling you to run cables through them and charge your gear while transporting it.

HyperPack Pro is full features, including padding for your back and a lumbar pocket.
HyperPack Pro is full featured and includes padding for your back and a lumbar pocket.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The exterior of the HyperPack Pro is black 1260D Cordura Nylon so it’s tough. (Don’t worry, the inner laptop sleeves are made of a softer material.) And the external zippers are designed with water resistance. The bag shrugged off the time I got rained on while wearing it.

The back of the bag is padded with foam to make wearing it more comfortable. And there are top and side handles to go with the shoulder straps, plus there’s a sternum strap. Hyper even built in a luggage pass-through slot to attach the bag to the handle of a suitcase.

I tested the HyperPack Pro for a couple of months, including taking it on a week-long holiday. It still looks brand new, so it really is rugged. And it’s reasonably comfortable to wear, considering I pack about 10 pounds of gear in it. Add in the 3.6 pounds of the actual backpack and it’s a solid load.

Find My location-tracking support is amazing

Hyper’s Find My-compatible Location Module
Hyper’s brilliant Find My-compatible Location Module is built in to the HyperPack Pro.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Much of what I’ve said up until now could apply to almost any top-quality backpack. But the HyperPack Pro has a feature that makes it stand out.

Built into the backpack is Hyper’s Find My-compatible Location Module. This makes it findable from almost anywhere. If the bag is misplaced, open the Find My app on an iPhone or Mac to see its location.

What I find even more useful is the alert that shows up on my iPhone if I forget to take the backpack with me. I like the peace of mind. I never worry about leaving the bag and all my gear behind because I know I’ll be reminded if I do.

HyperPack Pro has the same system used by Apple’s own AirTag item locator. The device doesn’t use GPS, but all that’s necessary is that another iPhone user pass nearby for its location to be determined. Considering a majority of the phones carried in the U.S. are made by Apple, that won’t take long.

If for some reason you can’t find the backpack nearby, you can set off a 90db alarm. And this works from 100 feet away or more. In my tests, I was able to connect to the Location Module from the far end of my house … and hear the audible alert, too.

The Bluetooth tracker is a flat, black plastic rectangle that fits into a slot on the top of the HyperPack Pro. It’s removable from the inside if you want to temporarily put it in some other bag, and its battery is easily replaceable.

A minor quibble with this product is that the Location Module is right below the top handle. It’s easy to accidentally press the button on the module when carrying the bag. Still, I understand the need to prominently place the module.

HyperPack Pro final thoughts

Securely carry your gear in stylish backpack with built-in AirTag tracking
HyperPack Pro includes Apple’s Find My technology so you can track it down if your lose it.
Photo: Hyper

How much gear you carry around is a personal choice. I chose to go in heavy. The HyperPack Pro lets me carry all the computers and accessories that I need to, and keep it all organized into sub pockets.

And Find My support significantly adds to the value. You won‘t accidentally leave this backpack behind, which is very reassuring.



HyperPack Pro is $199.99 from HyperShop.com.

Buy it from: Hyper

If you want to shop around, Targus recently launched a direct competitor, the Cypress Hero Backpack with Find My Locator. It’s $149.99.

Hyper provided Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. See our reviews policy, and check out other in-depth reviews of Apple-related items.


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