Protect your Mac from its worst enemy: Human error

Protect your Mac from its worst enemy: Human error


This security app could be what saves your Macbook.
This security app checks your Mac's security for you.
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Despite an old rumor about invincibility, Macs remain vulnerable to malware and hackers. However, one of the most common threats Macs face actually comes from a little closer to home: you.

The Pareto Security app helps you manage your Mac’s built-in security features so you don’t inadvertently compromise your computer or network just because you want to download a wallpaper from a sketchy website.

It routinely checks your Mac security settings, making sure everything’s up to snuff. And you can purchase a one-time lifetime license for this personal security tool for Mac for just $12 (regularly $17).

Make your Mac secure

Pareto regularly performs 23 security checks to ensure your Mac uses all its available safety tools effectively. For example, you might turn off your firewall or delay an update during everyday use. Sometimes it’s to install a new app. Or maybe you’re just incredibly busy and wish to delay your Mac’s update and restart loop.

Thankfully, if you forget to reinstate these security features, Pareto will notify you. After all, forgetting to update can pose major security risks, and keeping your firewall turned off is practically an open invitation for hackers and malware.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 on Product Hunt, Pareto is simple to use and can help you remember to use every security feature your Mac has. After using Pareto to manage his Mac’s security, verified customer Timothy Sorsdahl praised its usefulness.

“This Pareto software was easy to install and in minutes it pointed out security issues that I needed to fix,” Sorsdahl wrote. “The online help section was quick and easy to follow and in the evening I could fully secure my Mac. I like how it also checks for Chrome updates as there are many zero-day exploits found.”

Finally, Pareto’s lifetime license doesn’t limit you to just one Mac. You can use this Mac security platform to secure an unlimited number of computers.

Save on Pareto Security

Pareto Security can protect your Mac by eliminating human error. For a limited time, you can get a Pareto Security Personal: One-Time Lifetime License for $12 (regularly $17).

Prices subject to change.