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This is a copywriting master class you can’t write off


Make the write move and learn copywriting for $35.
No matter what message you need to convey, writing skills will come in handy.
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Need to sharpen your writing skills? Whether you want to become a full-time copywriter, spiff up your website and marketing materials, or simply craft better emails, The 2022 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle will give you the tools you need.

It delivers 17 hours of instruction that explain the key elements of effective communication in the modern era. And for a limited time, this copywriting master class is on sale for just $35 (regularly $1,400).

Learn to write better

With these seven courses, you can learn the ins and outs of copywriting and get your foot in the door of the industry. But even if that’s not your ultimate goal, these courses will pay off. Like it or not, writing is a crucial part of digital communication. No matter your career path, you’ll find something useful here.

If this is your first exposure to copywriting, you can jump into “The Complete Copywriting Course for Beginners.” It’s taught by Mohit Khoria, a digital marketer with a 4.3/5 star instructor rating.

Or, for a thorough guide about the type of writing you can do as a copywriter, you can listen to “Copywriting Bootcamp 2022 with Phil Ebiner,” which is rated 4.6/5 stars by students. This course will teach you to write copy for emails, social media, marketing, video content and a lot more. It’s the place to start if you want a thorough look at the different types of writing you can do and how to do it. At four hours long, it delivers a ton of material to parse — and this is just the beginning!

Learn to write great emails, find out how your writing can stand out to search engines, and get awesome tips from pros. Considering search engine optimization can reduce the cost of customer acquisition by up to 87%, taking a minute to study up isn’t a bad idea.

Save on The 2022 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle

The core concepts of effective communication don’t really change. Still, all of this incredibly useful information is available to you for a lifetime. That means you can learn to write better at your own pace. Nobody becomes a master overnight, but this bundle is how you can get better.

Make the write choice for your career. Get The 2022 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle for $35 (regularly $1,400).

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