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New Mac Studio pairs with imposing 5K display in pristine rig [Setups]


One wonders how often this setup looks this pristine.
One wonders how often this setup looks this pristine.
Photo: casey_the_casey

Some computer setups just say “slick.” They declare, in their perfection, “I might actually be staged.” They suggest, without a trace of shyness, much less humility, “There’s no way I look this clean all the damn time.”

Neither a speck of dust nor a stray cable to be seen.

But then again, some workstations are cleaned up with the arrival of a major new addition and made ready for the one photo where they’ll look their Sunday best. That’s likely the case with today’s featured setup, with its dark-stained woods and its lights just so. After all, it just got a brand new Mac Studio.

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New M1 Max Mac Studio, meet this killer Dell display

And if that expansive Dell display you see in the photograph above is a 5K monitor, it might be pretty new, too. Redditor casey_the_casey put across the maddeningly perfect-looking setup in a post titled, simply, “New setup.”

Dell rolled out the 40-inch Dell UltraSharp 5K Curved Monitor (U4021QW) in January 2021. The company called it a first, as it out-sized LG’s similar offering — WUHD, 5K2K — by two inches. The big ol’ thing sports 5,120 x 2,160 pixel resolution with 140 ppi pixel density.

And even at a no-joke price of $2,100 at the time, the new Dell must’ve looked pretty good next to the price tag on Apple’s (6K) Pro Display XDR — about $5,000.

Casey pairs his Dell display with a powerful new Mac Studio. They seem worthy of each other. His Mac Studio features the lesser chip of the two Studio models, the M1 Max, which is like what you find in the more premium version of the two new MacBook Pro laptops.

The greater of the two chips you can get in a Mac Studio, the M1 Ultra, is unlike anything else currently available. It’s actually two M1 Max chips fused together, offering twice the power. Apple calls the fused architecture “UltraFusion.”

Speaking of good monitors to pair with a Mac Studio (or other Macs), Cult of Mac recently published a useful guide.

Audio powered by Audioengine, inputs provided by Logitech and Keychron

Casey’s impressive setup also features some premium audio. We see Audioengine gear in a fair number of setups, but it’s not as if everyone bothers with dedicated external speakers and a subwoofer. Casey’s speakers are likely the 60W A2+ wireless bookshelf speakers with built-in DAC. And they’re supplemented on the low end by a sizable subwoofer under the desk.

As with so many setups, Logitech and Keychron find a place here. In this case, it’s Logitech’s MX Master 2S wireless mouse and a 2-in-1 charger for iPhone and AirPods.

And, as for Keychron, it’s a K10 full-size wireless mechanical keyboard. We don’t often see the big K10 in setups. The K2, K3, K4 and K6 seem to show up more often, with the highly customizable Q line cropping up a bit, too.

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