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These MagSafe-style breakaway cables work with any device


Power up your devices with this multi-way cable.
Charge all your devices with this powerful universal cable.
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The Infinity Cable is like a MagSafe cable that works with any device. You can get it with three types of magnetic tips — Lightning, USB-C or Micro USB — that snap onto the cable’s end.

As with MagSafe, the tip will snap away if you trip over the cable while it’s plugged in to your device. But that “yank safe” connection is just the start. Infinity Cable also brings high-speed data transfers and compatibility with multiple fast-charging standards.

And right now, can get the versatile and sturdy Infinity Cable for $24.99 — a fat 54% discount off the normal price of $55.

A MagSafe-style charging cable

As you probably know by now, not all charging cables are created equal. Infinity Cable’s marquee feature is its disaster-defeating magnetic tip. That tip, in whatever style you choose, attaches firmly to the Infinity Cable thanks to powerful N54-grade neodymium magnets.

The magnetic tip alone makes Infinity Cable a worthy part of your gear arsenal. But this beefy, 2-meter-long cable also offers support for some of the most important standards around:

No matter what device you’re juicing up — iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or other — Infinity Cable will charge it lightning-fast. And the 9T plastic inside the cable means it won’t heat up, even as it pumps maximum power into your hardware’s battery.

The cable is also sheathed in rugged, military-grade nylon that’s tangle-free. So it will last longer than your typical cable.

Save on Infinity Cable with Lightning, USB-C or Micro USB tips

Right now, you can save 54% and get the Infinity Cable for $24.99 (regularly $55) in nine different colorways and tip types, including:

Prices subject to change.