This portable console comes with 620 built-in retro games


This tiny console with 620 games is only $45 for the Pre-Black Friday Sale.
Built-in games make this tiny console a real gem.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

With so many people getting tired of Triple-A games, it’s worth looking back at the nostalgic history of gaming. The Mini Game Entertainment System with 620 Built-In Classic Games is styled like a Nintendo Entertainment System. It comes with 620 classic games, and you can get it for 15% off ahead of Black Friday if you use code SAVE15NOV.

It’s not just nostalgia that you’re buying, either. The console works like a dream and comes packed with games that made history because they’re genuinely fun. If you happen to have some great memories from your childhood playing them, it’s a bonus. If this is your first first experience with classic games, you’re in for a definite treat.

A fun retro games console

This little console comes with two controllers just like you’d find connected to the original NES, just scaled down a little. Sure, you can always play some classic games on an iPhone, but nothing beats an old-school controller. This retro console’s wired controllers deliver an authentic feel. They also provide that instant feedback that proves absolutely essential for some unforgiving vintage games.

Setting up your retro games console is as easy as it should be for a classic system. Simply plug it in, boot it up, pick your game and play. It’s a great contrast to most modern games, which require setting up accounts, hopping on Wi-Fi and nagging you to pay for a premium subscriptions. Forgot about those unnecessary (and annoying) steps you don’t want to take if you just want to sit down and have some gaming fun.

Save on the Mini Game Entertainment System with 620 Built-In Classic Games

You can relive your first memories playing games, or see what it was like when they were first getting popular, with this compact, totally portable console.

The Mini Game Entertainment System with 620 Built-In Classic Games comes in single or double packs, with either standard AV connections or AV/HDMI connections:

Whichever model or package size you choose, be sure to use code SAVE15NOV to get the pre-Black Friday discounts.

Prices subject to change.