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Work remotely from anywhere with iScanner, on sale for under $50


Work remotely like never before with one app.
There's never been a more literal remote office than iScanner.
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Your iPhone can be so many things: a way to talk to friends, to kill time, to do research. And now it can also be your office. iScanner packs a whole corner office into one app, so you won’t have to fiddle with outdated scanners, deal with clunky file editing software, or wait for big files to attach to emails people don’t check often enough. For $39.99, you can get lifetime access to this all-in-one office app, and you definitely won’t miss waiting in line for the scanner. 

iScanner solves the little problems that absorb so much of your day. Waiting for the scanner to work? Doing math that isn’t worth busting out a full calculator for? Waiting for a program to load just so you can make a tiny edit to a document you’ll probably have to edit again later? You can do all of that with iScanner without even turning on your computer. It really is like carrying around a tiny office in your pocket. You can even lock scans of confidential documents behind a pin, so you won’t have to worry about your personal device being a security risk. 

During the average workday, most Americans only end up working for about 45 percent of the time. The rest is spent being interrupted, being delayed, dealing with lengthy meetings that could have been an email, and so much more hassle. Hassle that you can largely avoid by being the best-equipped, most productive person in the room. Even if you’re still only working for half the day, you’ll get so much more done with iScanner in your ring. 

Boost your productivity and carry your office with you anywhere you go, all in one app. For a limited time, you can get a lifetime of the iScanner app for iOS, and it’s only $39.99

Prices subject to change