Retro-cool Apple Glass AR concept pays homage to Steve Jobs


Designer Antonio De Rosa's concept for Apple Glass is complete.
Designer Antonio De Rosa's concept for Apple Glass is complete.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

Designer Antonio De Rosa has released another set of conceptual renderings for a possible Apple product. This time he’s picturing a retro-cool take on the much-anticipated Apple Glass augmented reality eyeglasses many expect to see come out this year.

Apple Glass AR eyeglasses reportedly entered a second phase of testing back in January, as Cult of Mac previously reported.

We also recently featured an interview with De Rosa after he put out a stunning render of 16-inch MacBook Pro featuring an M1X chip. Anticipated by some folks for release at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month, the new product failed to materialize and so far remains outside the realm of reality.

De Rosa's concept includes a stylish charging case.
De Rosa’s concept includes a stylish charging case.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

Apple Glass AR as homage to Steve Jobs

De Rosa’s new concept pays a form of homage to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. (Oddly enough, leaker Jon Prosser said Apple is working on “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition” AR glasses last year.)

De Rosa’s artwork refers to the Lunor Classic Rund PP eyeglasses that Jobs made iconic. According to Lunor, Jobs began wearing the glasses in 1997, around the time he returned as CEO of Apple.

And in case you haven’t guessed, “rund” is German for “round.”

A previous De Rosa take on what he called Apple Lens used a more angular, modern design.

Cool feature list

In De Rosa’s new concept, Apple Glass is made of an aluminum frame and polycarbonate lenses, making the specs lightweight.

Ready to augment your reality? De Rosa's concept provides controls.
Ready to augment your reality? De Rosa’s concept provides controls.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

The eyeglasses, as conceived, have a whopping six cameras with autofocus lenses, an eye-tracking system with dynamic range, hand and gesture recognition, food/caloric intake detection, health reports and an AirPods-style charging case.

Four of the cameras are pretty easy to spot. Two are in the nose-piece assemblies and two are just opposite each nose piece, helping add a symmetrical look to the would-be product. Other cameras and/or sensors rest in the cross bar joining the two lens sections.

See more Apple Glass concept pics and other De Rosa renders on his website.