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Enjoy a hot summer deal on cool cloud storage for 62% off


Snag this cool, secure cloud storage for a year at $44.99
Enjoy Unlimited, Secure, Multi-Featured, & User-Friendly Cloud Backup
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These days, managing your Apple devices is a critical part of enjoying their state-of-the-art technology. In order to download the upcoming iOS 15, you’ll need plenty of storage space on your device.

Expanding your digital storage is useful for other reasons, too. It can prevent you from losing an important file or encountering slowdowns on an overloaded device. Polarbackup Cloud Storage offers a complete backup solution to protect precious photos, videos, documents and thousands of gigabytes of data — and it’s available for a limited time at the incredible price of $44.99.

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Powered by state-of-the-art Amazon Web Services technology with full GDPR compliance, Polar Backup provides generous cloud storage for smooth, seamless backups. The user-friendly interface gives you total control of your data, letting you manage, sort, locate and preview files with a single click.

Polar Backup allows you to select which data you’d like to backup. Then you can set a timer for how often it will perform backups, and voila: It runs like clockwork around the clock, saving and resaving your data to the cloud.

With technical features like de-duplication and block-level uploads, you can feel safe knowing your important files are being backed up as safely and quickly as possible. Unlike sync solutions, your Polar Backup files will never be deleted, even if they are removed from your devices. The cloud solution will hold onto them permanently.

Polar Backup has been featured in TNW and PC World, among other places. Mashable wrote that Polar Backup is “even more intuitive and user-friendly than Dropbox,” while TechRadar agreed that it is “an appealing option for keeping your data safe.”

Save on Polarbackup Cloud Storage

At 62% off its usual price, you can back up an unlimited amount of files securely with a one-year subscription to Polarbackup. Get this hot summer deal on cool cloud storage for $44.99 while it lasts.

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