MacOptimizer: Increase your productivity with this Mac utility at 33% off

Increase your productivity with this Mac utility at 33% off


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MacOptimizer keeps your Mac in top shape.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

No matter how great you are at updating your Mac and closing all your windows, you’ll inevitably run into some performance issues now and again. These days, we rely on our computers too much to deal with any downtime. That’s true whether you need to hop into an important meeting in 10 minutes, or were right about to find out the twist in your favorite streaming series.

MacOptimizer is a disk utility app that helps ensure your Mac always runs at its maximum capacity. It cleans up your hard drive, optimizes your battery life, frees up memory and more. It’s a lifetime subscription is sale now for just $19.99, which is 33% off the list price of $29.

Get more performance out of our Mac

The last thing you want when you’re finishing up a project is for an application to crash — or to not open at all. If you’ve been experiencing mysterious problems with your Mac, this helpful app just might be the answer. It can make your computer’s performance more consistent, whether that means you can more regularly rely on your most-needed apps or an increase in your overall computer speed.

MacOptimizer frees up cache and regularly runs system maintenance for a smoother Mac performance. Plus, it helps you keep all your important files organized.

The app comes loaded with a wide range of features to help you use your computer for longer periods of time. It can optimize your battery to maximize the charge of an unplugged laptop. And it can monitor your CPU usage, finding and stopping apps that consume your Mac’s memory and freeing up inactive memory. You also can adjust your system settings in a single click, repair your disk permissions, clean up all the unnecessary files taking up space, and much more.

Save on MacOptimizer

Get this MacOptimizer: Lifetime Subscription for $19.99 (regularly $29), a savings of 33%.

Prices subject to change.