Tantalizing 2021 iMac concepts get us ready for the real thing


Tantalizing 2021 iMac concepts get us ready for the real thing
Apple might unveil on Tuesday a 2021 iMac that looks just like this concept design.
Screenshot: Amdix/ConceptsiPhone

A 2021 iMac is supposedly among the highlights of Apple “Spring Loaded” event on Tuesday. Concept artists have dreamed up proposals for what the upcoming all-in-one desktop might look like.

These vary as to details but are likely to please anyone tired of the very large screen bezels that have marked previous iMac models… and is looking forward to a speedy M-series processor.

Take a look at some of the eye-opening concepts before the big reveal on Tuesday.

Amdix/ConceptsiPhone iMac 2021

One possible design is from Amdix and appears on the YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone. Watch the video now:

The iMac 2021 looks much like the current version, except with the screen bezels removed. But there are other changes, like more USB-C/Thunderbolt ports and fewer USB-A ones. And the proposed device apparently has FaceID.

Renders by Ian iMac 2021

Teenage concept artist Ian Zelbo took a crack at the upcoming Mac desktop on Twitter.

Not stopping there, he proposed a set of possible specifications for a never-before-seen version. “iMac Air will be the lower end iMac for everyone. It will come with the same M1 processor as the current Macs,” suggests Zelbo. Note that this is a concept proposal, not a leak.

The iMac Air proposal comes because earlier versions of this desktop with high-end Intel processors offer better performance than the version of the one used in the first round of M1 Macs released in autumn 2020. Apple might not be ready to release a faster M-series chip.

What the leaks and rumors say

There’s significant evidence that Apple is prepping an iMac with a M-series processor. And Marc Gurman, who generally has reliable sources on future Apple products, says this is on the docket for the April 20 event.

He also said back January that the 2021 iMac will soon get a dramatic redesign that will supposedly make the desktop resemble the Apple Pro Display XDR.

Also supposedly on the docket for the April 20 event are a faster, better-looking 2021 iPad Pro, the long-rumored AirTags tracking tags and more.