Concept video shows just how tiny iPhone 12 might be


The 5.4-inch version of Apple 2020 handset could be the ‘iPhone 12 mini.’
Take a sneak peak at the 5.4-inch version of the 2020 iPhone 12.
Concept: the Hacker 34

Apple is supposedly prepping an iPhone with a screen that’s just 5.4 inches. A concept artist created a video that effectively demonstrates exactly how small that “iPhone 12 mini” will be.

Watch it now to see the rumored handset absolutely dwarfed by a 2020 iPhone SE.

Realistic iPad Air 4 concept shows what to expect from Apple’s next tablet


The 2020 iPad Air 4 could look a lot like this concept.
The iPad Air 4 could be the latest Apple tablet to offer an almost edge-to-edge display.

A concept artist compiled the leaks, rumors and unconfirmed reports about the iPad Air 4 into a series of beautiful images.

This tablet could be unveiled as soon as next week, bringing a very significant redesign. These concept pictures give a sneak peek and what’s probably on the docket.

iPhone 12 concept is just what we’ve been hoping for


AN iPhone concept includes a smaller notch and a 120 Hz display.
Few people would be disappointed in this iPhone concept turned out to be real.
Photo: TECH 2 SEE/ConceptsiPhone

A new iPhone concept gives a visual demonstration of many of the rumors about the handset Apple is expected to unveil this autumn. But it also includes some hoped-for features that might not make the cut.

Watch the video now:

iPad mini concept shows why it really needs to lose the bezels


iPad mini concept is cool but not happening.
An iPad mini concept drops the size of this tablet even more by cutting the bezels.
Concept: Parker Ortolani

The iPad mini has a 7.9-inch screen surrounded by bezels. Big ones. So a concept artist drew up some images that show how much smaller this tablet could be with an edge-to-edge display. The result is a device that’s nearly 20% smaller.

But Apple might be going in the opposite direction: making a mini with a larger screen.

Look how powerful iPad Home screen widgets could be if Apple did them right


iPad Home screen widgets should be free to roam
An concept design shows how iPad Home screen widgets ought to work. And that’s just the start.
Photo: Parker Ortolani

Unfortunately, iPad got a watered-down version of the new iPhone Home screen widgets. But a concept designer cooked up some innovative suggestions for how this feature should be integrated into the user interface for future Apple tablets.

Not stopping there, he proposed an alternative way to bring iOS 14’s App Library to iPadOS and suggested a new Pro Menu. The designs come from Parker Ortolani, who showed off his suggestions via Twitter.

Stunning concept video brings iPhone 12 rumors to life


iPhone 12 rumors mix in this concept video.
The real iPhone 12 ads could look much like this concept video.
Screenshot: ConceptsiPhone

A new concept video beautifully combines iPhone 12 rumors into a three-minute ballet of tech. Done in the same style as Apple advertisements, it offers an early glimpse of what the real ads might look like when the 2020 iPhone models arrive this fall.

Watch it now:

This iMac G4-inspired concept Mac is a futuristic blast from the past


IMAC-G4_render_09 1
The iMac G4 was a thing of beauty. Meet its (conceptual) 2020 sibling.
Photo: Xhakomo Doda

Albanian-Italian Apple fan and 24-year-old designer Xhakomo Doda went back to the past for his latest concept, showing one possible direction Apple could take when it eventually releases a redesigned iMac. All the way back to 2002, specifically.

Doda’s iMac G4 New Edition is, as its name suggests, a refreshed take on Apple’s iMac G4: the sunflower-inspired iMac with a floating display on an adjustable arm. And it’s pretty darn stunning.