Stunning concept video brings iPhone 12 rumors to life


iPhone 12 rumors mix in this concept video.
The real iPhone 12 ads could look much like this concept video.
Screenshot: ConceptsiPhone

A new concept video beautifully combines iPhone 12 rumors into a three-minute ballet of tech. Done in the same style as Apple advertisements, it offers an early glimpse of what the real ads might look like when the 2020 iPhone models arrive this fall.

Watch it now:

This iMac G4-inspired concept Mac is a futuristic blast from the past


IMAC-G4_render_09 1
The iMac G4 was a thing of beauty. Meet its (conceptual) 2020 sibling.
Photo: Xhakomo Doda

Albanian-Italian Apple fan and 24-year-old designer Xhakomo Doda went back to the past for his latest concept, showing one possible direction Apple could take when it eventually releases a redesigned iMac. All the way back to 2002, specifically.

Doda’s iMac G4 New Edition is, as its name suggests, a refreshed take on Apple’s iMac G4: the sunflower-inspired iMac with a floating display on an adjustable arm. And it’s pretty darn stunning.

iPhone 12 Flip concept makes iOS handsets pocketable again


The foldable iPhone 12 Flip concept could someday be a reality.
Apple is exploring technologies needed to make this foldable iPhone concept a reality.
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

The iPhone 12 Flip is the foldable iOS device many are hoping for. This proposed concept fits a large screen into a tiny package.

While currently only a dream, Apple is hard at work on technologies that could eventually make it real.

Watch a video of the iPhone 12 Flip concept now:

iOS 15 concept goes minimalist with the Home screen


iOS concept thinks simple, not more complex.
An iOS 15 concept design simplifies the Home screen... and looks familiar.
Concept: Roland Mészáros

When concept designers imagine the future of iOS, they often pack in new features. A new design goes the opposite route, simplifying the look of the iPhone to “keep you focused,” in the words of the artist.

Still, it finds space for some Home screen widgets, which are supposed to debut in iOS 14.

Mac mini Pro concept proposes easily stackable, modular upgrades


This Mac mini Pro concept is very modular.
This proposed Mac mini Pro could get more storage, or a graphics processor, just by placing a new module on top of it.
Photo: Kevin Noki

A concept artists imagines a Mac mini Pro that can be upgraded simply by placing an SSD or GPU module on top of the main computer. And his basic design borrows quite a bit from the “cheese grater” Mac Pro that launched in 2019.

Watch a video teaser for this concept now:

Apple spitballs iPhone with wraparound display


Every bit of this concept iPhone is covered in wraparound display.
Apple’s own designers dreamed up this iPhone with a completely wraparound display.
Photo: Apple

Apple designed an iPhone that’s all touchscreen. Front, back, top, bottom and sides — every bit of the exposed surface is a wraparound display.

And the description shows engineers put quite a bit of thought into the proposal.