Who needs aluminum? These insane Macs are made of ice, coal and beeswax.


This concept Mac is made of sandstone.
Is metal or plastic really the best material to make computers out of. How about sandstone?
Photo: Hank Beyer/Alex Sizemore

Concept designers are supposed to think outside of the box. Hank Beyer and Alex Sizemore created some Mac designs that are so far outside of the box you sometimes can’t tell there ever was a box. Their computers are encased in stone, ice, beeswax and other exotic materials.

Is this the future of Macs? [Cult of Mac Magazine 383]


This augmented-reality Mac concept goes full Minority Report.
This augmented-reality Mac concept goes full Minority Report.
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

An augmented reality Mac powered by Apple glasses offers a glimpse of what computing might look like in the future.

Yes, it’s just a concept. But man, is it gorgeously detailed. We talked with concept designer Dominik Hofacker about his fascinating concept, and you can read all about it in this week’s free issue of Cult of Mac Magazine. Download it now to read on your iOS device, or get the links below.

We’ve also got the latest news and rumors on the the long-rumored Apple Car and AirTags (not to mention those Apple AR glasses that Hofacker is talking about). Plus, we’ve got how-tos and reviews (including a second take on AirPods Max and a look at the second anachronistic season of Dickinson on Apple TV+).

Awesome macOS concept imagines the AR iMac of the future


AR Mac
Could this be the Mac setup of tomorrow?
Photo: Dominik Hofacker

A designer’s radical new concept shows what future Macs could look like if augmented reality glasses replaced the computers’ physical screens.

Dominik Hofacker, a 24-year-old designer who just landed a job at Facebook, calls his well-thought-out virtual Mac concept “macOS reality.”

“With AR glasses on the verge of release, and eventually replacing our smartphones for almost all tasks, I asked myself, ‘How does productivity look like in the future?'” he told Cult of Mac. “GlassOS that runs on Apple Glasses is one thing, but nobody has ever thought about the next generation of Macs.”

Interesting Apple Watch concept totally rethinks a basic feature


An Apple Watch concept gets complications out of the way
What if your Apple Watch face was pristine because the complications were hidden out of the way?
Screenshot: A Better Computer

Apple Watch offers watch faces that’s do much more than tell time. But a user thinks the extra snippets of information — called complications — junk up the appearance of the wearable. They created an Apple Watch concept that moves them off the display and onto the pop-up window that’s currently the Control Center.

iMac 2021 concept will have you drooling for Apple Silicon


An iMac 2021 concept is just gorgeous
A concept artist proposes ditching the screen bezels from the iMac.
Photo: Svetapple.sk

There’s good evidence Apple working on new desktop Macs, and a concept artist proposed a pair of iMacs with significantly improved designs for release in 2021. These 24-inch and 32-inch models borrow quite a bit from the iPad Pro line, including edge-to-edge displays.

Concept video shows just how tiny iPhone 12 might be


The 5.4-inch version of Apple 2020 handset could be the ‘iPhone 12 mini.’
Take a sneak peak at the 5.4-inch version of the 2020 iPhone 12.
Concept: the Hacker 34

Apple is supposedly prepping an iPhone with a screen that’s just 5.4 inches. A concept artist created a video that effectively demonstrates exactly how small that “iPhone 12 mini” will be.

Watch it now to see the rumored handset absolutely dwarfed by a 2020 iPhone SE.

Realistic iPad Air 4 concept shows what to expect from Apple’s next tablet


The 2020 iPad Air 4 could look a lot like this concept.
The iPad Air 4 could be the latest Apple tablet to offer an almost edge-to-edge display.
Concept: svetapple.sk

A concept artist compiled the leaks, rumors and unconfirmed reports about the iPad Air 4 into a series of beautiful images.

This tablet could be unveiled as soon as next week, bringing a very significant redesign. These concept pictures give a sneak peek and what’s probably on the docket.

iPhone 12 concept is just what we’ve been hoping for


AN iPhone concept includes a smaller notch and a 120 Hz display.
Few people would be disappointed in this iPhone concept turned out to be real.
Photo: TECH 2 SEE/ConceptsiPhone

A new iPhone concept gives a visual demonstration of many of the rumors about the handset Apple is expected to unveil this autumn. But it also includes some hoped-for features that might not make the cut.

Watch the video now: