Applying for a job? This tool will help you craft a winning resume


Take a big step closer to the job you want by making beautiful, ATS-aligned resumés, CVs, or portfolios with this easy-to-ese builder.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Looking for work is a drag no matter how you slice it. Maybe one of the least-fun parts is putting together a resume that gets attention and hits the right marks.

This tool takes the guesswork out of the process, making it easy to build attractive resumés tuned specifically to the search algorithms used by many hiring firms.

Resoume is a platform for creating beautiful resumés — yes, it can be done. It’s not just a resumé builder, either. It also helps with cover letters, portfolios and more. It draws straight from your LinkedIn account, making the whole process easy and quick.

The output is applicant tracking system-ready, meaning it will appeal to the algorithms that many companies and hiring firms use to sort applications. Resoume also makes it easy to change colors, fonts and themes, so your resumé reflects your style. You can even keep track of your interviews, making it a handy helper for your job hunt.

Buy now: Get a lifetime of Resoume Resumé Creator for $34.99. That’s 63% off the usual price.