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AI Resume Builder will help you land the job interviews you crave


Want a new career in 2024? This AI resume builder can boost your employment outlook for only $33.
Take advantage of end-of-year pricing on this AI-powered resume builder and set your sights on a new career in 2024.
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Got big plans for a job search in 2024? Ensure you become a top candidate with exclusive pricing on an AI-powered resume tool primed to help anyone take their next professional step forward.

Avoid the stress and frustration of fruitless job hunts with a lifetime subscription to the AI Resume Builder, available for just $29.97 (regularly $468) through February 4. Then get ready to impress future employers more easily.

Beat the HR bots with your own AI Resume Builder, now only $33


Don't wait for Black Friday! Get this AI resume builder for only $32.97.
Create ATS-friendly resumes with AI Resume Builder, now just $32.97.
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We’re well into the age where HR software will look at your application before a manager ever does, so it’s more important than ever to have the proper resume. And unless you have time to tweak that resume to hit all the right keywords for each job, you’ll be spending a lot of time on paperwork.

HR bots are no match for this AI resume writer


Head back to school (and work) with this $29.97 AI resume writer.
Let this AI tool write you the perfect resume for less than $30 during our Back-to-School Sale.
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As the new school year approaches, students (and professionals) have enough on their plates without worrying about finding a job. Luckily, a limited-time back-to-school discount on a high-tech tool can make your next job or internship search a lot easier.

Through August 13 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, Cult of Mac readers can take $10 off lifetime access to Resoume, a writing assistant that uses the power of artificial intelligence to generate winning resumes.

Win the job hunt with lifetime access to an AI resume writer


Win the job hunt by picking up lifetime access to this AI-powered resumé writer for only $39.99.
Save nearly 80% on this AI-powered resume writer that will help you get employers' attention.
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You can make your job search faster and easier by wielding the power of artificial intelligence. With this AI resume-writing tool, you can majorly upgrade your employment-seeking approach from here on out.

For a limited time, you can purchase a lifetime subscription to Resoume, an AI assistant that writes resumes, for only $39.99 (regularly $180) with no coupon required. That’s nearly 80% of savings on an app primed to maximize your chances of landing better jobs.

Gift this top-rated AI résumé writer for $40, no shipping necessary


Let AI write the perfect resumé with this top-rated app, less than $40 today.
This top-rated AI résumé writer is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to boost their career in 2023.
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Is there a better gift you can give this holiday season than a career level-up? An app for constructing the perfect  résumé is a great gift idea for doing that. And you can also get lifetime access to Resoume, an AI-based résumé writing assistant, for just $39.99 (regularly $600). ´

Land a better job with this resume and interview training bundle


Design a killer resume with this template bundle.
Upgrade your career with this resume and interview bundle.
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While not everybody can land a job at Apple (especially in this economy), anyone can improve their career with the right resume. Admittedly, few folks are pros at writing resumes and cover letters, and if you don’t do it properly, you might fall victim to an applicant tracking system (ATS). This application template collection could simplify your job hunt and includes a course on how to nail your interviews. It’s on sale for $25 (Reg. $149) for a limited time.

Land your dream job with this AI-assisted resumé writing tool


Resoume uses AI to write the perfect resumé.
Make AI work for you with this resumé-writing program.
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If you’re currently looking for a job, there’s a lot you need to get in place, from your video interview space to the tools you need to do the job. But perhaps the most useful document you need to prepare to attract recruiters and hiring managers is a resumé. Take a task off your list with a lifetime subscription to the Complete Resoume AI Assistant Resumé Writer.

AI-powered toolkit will turbocharge your job search


Apply this AI to your job materials for great results.
Employ the awesome power of AI to crank out application materials and land your dream job.
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Searching for a job is more stressful than ever. With employers ignoring résumés and the constant need to adapt your application materials to a new job, job hunting is practically a full-time gig.

To save time on application materials and produce top-quality results, consider Resoume. This AI-powered tool can help you create a standout résumé in minutes and an entire portfolio in no time. And lifetime subscriptions are on sale for $39.99 (regularly $600).

Get and gift this top-rated, AI-powered résumé builder at 98% off


A fine-tuned résumé can land you your dream job.
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Even the most experienced job applicants can feel overwhelmed by the ever-changing world of résumés. They need to be tailored to each job, updated every few months, and optimized to increase your chances of landing an interview. And even with all that work involved, there’s only a 25% chance that a hiring manager will see it. That’s right: 75% of résumés go entirely unseen by employers and hiring managers.

Land your dream job with this AI-powered resume builder


Don't even try to craft a resume without these powerful tools.
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If you haven’t dusted off your resume or CV and taken a crack at updating it in a while, it can be intimidating to know where to start. Maybe you struggle with formatting as you try to whittle down your word count. Or maybe you spend inordinate hours looking up the necessary keywords to include for hiring managers. And then there’s the question of whether to include a summary.

Throughout the process, you’ll face loads of necessary choices that don’t necessarily feel intuitive. The 2021 Complete Resume Builder Master Class Bundle fixes that. It packs essential tools and resources to make writing a killer resume a total breeze. And that helps you stand out to hiring managers so you can land the interviews you want.

Land the great job you’ve been eyeing with this resume app


The new year is the perfect time to tighten your resume
The new year is the perfect time to tighten up your resume.
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After a tough year, we can finally be optimistic: All signs point toward the job market slowly recovering. Whether you’re looking to transition from your current role, upgrade with a promotion or change jobs entirely, now’s the perfect time to start hunting for the dream job you actually want.

This Rezi Résumé Software: Pro Lifetime Subscription makes sure your resume will get considered for the job you’re applying for — and actually increases your chance of landing the interviews you want.

Save an extra 40% on these skill-building apps for Cyber Monday


Best Skill-Building Apps: Learn something new and useful with these handy apps.
Learn something new and useful with these handy apps.
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If you’re like us, you’re probably already looking forward to next year and how it could be better — in more ways than one. If you’re interested in learning a new language or earning a new certification to beef up your resume, look no further than this roundup of skill-building apps and software.

With Cyber Monday pricing, you can get them for an extra 40% off with code CMSAVE40 for a limited time.

Applying for a job? This tool will help you craft a winning resume


Take a big step closer to the job you want by making beautiful, ATS-aligned resumés, CVs, or portfolios with this easy-to-ese builder.
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Looking for work is a drag no matter how you slice it. Maybe one of the least-fun parts is putting together a resume that gets attention and hits the right marks.

This tool takes the guesswork out of the process, making it easy to build attractive resumés tuned specifically to the search algorithms used by many hiring firms.