Calm your mind with a mix of binaural beats and ASMR


Wring out stress and encourage positive vibes with a combination of binaural beats, ASMR, sleep tracking and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Instead of stressing out over unanswered emails or mindlessly scrolling through social media, you can use your smartphone to get your head straight and settled.

Calmind provides physiological and stress-reducing benefits by combining autonomous sensory meridian response (aka ASMR) audio and binaural beats.

ASMR uses subtle sound waves to trigger a pleasing sensation that’s almost like physical touch. It runs from the top of the head down the spine, so it’s almost like an aural massage, drawing out relaxing hormones. Binaural beats, on the other hand, play slightly out-of-tune frequencies in each ear. The resulting effect, or “squelch,” creates an internal vibration that helps aid in relaxation.

Together, it’s a powerful combination for unwinding the mind and body. But even more than that, Calmind also tracks when you’re alert, sleepy or calm, so you can dial in rest and productivity times to be at your best. Altogether, it’s makes a great tool for avoiding procrastination and staying creative, calm and productive.

Buy now: Get a lifetime subscription to Calmind Mental Fitness App for $69.99. That’s a massive 89% off the usual price.