Simplify electronic signing on any device with this handy app


Trusted by major companies, simplify your electronic signing process, sign documents and get signatures on any device.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

More than ever, business is conducted in the digital realm. That includes things as fundamental as signing documents, which can prove surprisingly tricky. Luckily, this handy app makes that often legally binding process as secure and simple as possible.

DottedSign lets you effortlessly sign documents and get signatures from others, in a legal and secure process. That means an end to emailing signatories, printing copies or faxing papers back and forth. Instead, you can simply import documents with your device’s camera (and straight from your photo, mail, cloud-storage or other apps).

It’s an ideal tool for handling NDAs, sales contracts, lease agreements, permission slips, financial agreements, W9 forms and other crucial documents. DottedSign updates the progress of a task in real time, for each signer, so you can stay on top of your workflow. Additionally, it offers tools like auto-reminders, document expiry dates, form-filling and more. It’s an all-around productivity booster for anyone signing documents online.

Buy now: Get a year of DottedSign Pro e-Sign Platform for $49.99, or get three years for $59.99. That’s 58% and 83% off the usual price.