Learn and master the many secrets of Microsoft Excel [Deals]


eLearnExcel- The 2020 Excel Certification School Bundle
Become an Excel master with 60 hours of content and 300 easy-to-follow lessons and projects.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

You might think Excel is a spreadsheet application. But in reality, it’s a multipurpose, powerful tool for crunching numbers and teasing insights out of data. So if you know how to use Excel, you instantly make yourself more useful and valuable, and these lessons can help.

Microsoft Excel is a backbone for almost all kinds of companies. The 2020 Excel Certification School Bundle shows why. It contains 60 hours of content and projects so that you can get hands on experience with basic and advanced skills and knowledge that the vast majority of Excel users don’t have. Learn 15 time-saving Excel tips, study formulas and functions, learn how to analyze data and use pivot tables, and create beautiful spreadsheets that convey information effectively. And that’s just scratching the surface of this loaded lesson bundle. Even better, you’ll come out with a skills certificate, so you can back up your new resume entry.

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