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Learn and master the many secrets of Microsoft Excel [Deals]


eLearnExcel- The 2020 Excel Certification School Bundle
Become an Excel master with 60 hours of content and 300 easy-to-follow lessons and projects.
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You might think Excel is a spreadsheet application. But in reality, it’s a multipurpose, powerful tool for crunching numbers and teasing insights out of data. So if you know how to use Excel, you instantly make yourself more useful and valuable, and these lessons can help.

Master advanced Excel skills with these 170 lessons [Deals]


The Complete 2020 Advanced Excel Expert Bundle
Sort, manage and analyze tons of data with over 20 hours of advanced instruction in Excel functions, formulas, and VBA.
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Now is a great time to boost job skills, whether to keep your current gigs or to find new ones. Since Microsoft Excel is an essential tool in many modern workplaces, learning to master the complex software’s many functions and features is a great way to boost your resume.

Take the weekend to boost your marketable skills [Deals]


Skills Weekend
Learn Excel, a new language, online marketing and more with this roundup of weekend skills training.
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For a growing number of people, the COVID-19 lockdown makes it unclear where the next paycheck will come from. That makes it a good time to brush up on skills so that wherever opportunity arises, you’re ready. The courses in this Cult of Mac Deals roundup will teach you vital, resume-boosting covers skills like iOS development, Excel, digital marketing and foreign languages.

Grab one (or more) of these deeply discounted educational bundles today. And then start racking up certified skills so you’ll be ready to jump on future hot jobs.

Microsoft brings dark mode to Office apps on iOS


Download the updates today.
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Microsoft today rolled out a bunch of updates that bring a long-awaited dark mode to its Office suite on iOS.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are all a little easier on the eyes (if you want them to be). Dark mode will also help them be kinder on battery life on iPhone models with OLED displays.