Play along to a massive sheet music database on all your Apple devices [Deals]


Tomyplay Music App
Learn and play your favorite musical works with Tomplay.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Learning music is a great way to sharpen your mind and deepen the enjoyment of life. However, even some experienced musicians find reading music intimidating. Interactive sheet music player Tomplay offers accessible, readable scores of thousands of songs — for all instruments.

With it, you can play along with more than 18,000 songs on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. (It works on Android and Windows, too.)

The Tomplay sheet music software brings tons of useful functions to all your devices. It scrolls automatically in time with the music, so you never lose your place. Just choose the audio track you want, and you can start the interactive score right on cue with the music.

It couples more than 18,000 sheet music titles with high-quality recordings of the songs, so you can play with accompaniment that doesn’t sound like an ’80s Casio keyboard (nothing against Casio keyboards).

You can slow down or speed up the music as you learn. Plus, you can record yourself and play back your performance to check your progress and spot where you can improve. (Tomplay also lets you create loops of specific passages to practice.) You can even annotate the scores, and easily print them for rehearsals or lessons.

This is a perfect learning aid for musicians of all levels, on practically all instruments: piano, string, wind, drums and more. No wonder Tomplay earned 4.4 out of 5 stars on the App Store.

Buy now: Get a year of Tomplay Interactive Sheet Music for $49.99. That’s half off the usual price.