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Instantly separate vocals from music tracks with this top-rated AI app


Instantly separate vocals from music tracks with this top-rated AI app, now just $30.
Musicians love this AI vocal remover app, and it’s now on sale for $30.
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Anyone who makes music knows the painstaking struggle of manually removing vocals from a song. Thankfully, in 2023, one of the latest uses for AI technology is to do precisely this, saving you headaches and precious time.

The software in question is EasySplitter, an AI-powered vocal remover application. And a lifetime subscription to the EasySplitter Pro Plan is now only $29.99 (regularly $599)

Today in Apple history: Logic Pro 7 shows Apple is still serious about creatives


Logic Pro 7 was a great music creation tool for Apple fans.
Logic Pro 7 was a great music creation tool for Apple fans.
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September 29: Today in Apple history: Logic Pro 7 launch shows Apple is still serious about creatives September 29, 2004: Apple debuts Logic Pro 7, its professional music creation and audio production software. The update brings new tools and a streamlined interface in line with other Apple software.

Coming off the success of the iPod and iTunes Music Store, the Logic Pro 7 launch — alongside its stripped-down sibling, Logic Express 7 — serves as a reminder of Apple’s dominance in music tech, for consumers and professionals alike.

Listen to sports, news, music and more with this rad radio app


Listen to the world with this radio app.
TuneIn Premium gives you unfettered access to more than 100,000 radio stations.
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As convenient as the internet can be, if you actually want to get something out of it, a lot of the work is on you. Instead of searching, you can listen with a TuneIn Premium plan. The service’s massive radio network gives you music, news, sports and more. And it’s on sale for just $39.99 (regularly $119).

Make 2022 the year you finally pick up a musical instrument


Play in the New Year with these deals on music courses!
Play in the new year with these deals on music courses.
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If nothing else, 2022 can sound better than what you’re leaving behind if you learn a musical instrument. Learning an instrument is one of the most fulfilling skills you can develop, and it can keep your brain feeling young!

For the new year, Cult of Mac rounded up some awesome deals on everything to do with learning music. There’s never been a better chance to pick up an instrument.

Get Skoove’s top-rated piano lessons app for the best price on the web


These premium piano lessons are the best deal for Cyber Monday.
Get this Cyber Monday deal and start learning to play piano today.
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If you’ve been wanting to learn to play piano, but hesitated due to the time commitment and cost, Skoove Premium Piano Lessons are for you. They are best way to learn how to play piano quickly — and for the best price.

And for Cyber Monday, you’ll find this highly rated piano app at its lowest cost across the whole web.

Free web music app imitates iPod Classic click wheel


Tanner Villarete's free music player web app simulates the classic iPod click wheel.
Tanner Villarete's free music player web app simulates the iPod Classic click wheel.
Photo: Tanner Villarete

The iPod’s iconic click wheel had a good run, launching in 2004 with the iPod mini. It joined the fourth-generation iPod’s design later that year. It even auditioned in the odd product concept over the years. Finally, in 2014, the company phased it out with the iPod Classic.

But nothing great is gone forever, as a free new web music player app shows.

Music lovers can’t pass up this great deal on a vocal remover app


This AI-powered vocal remover app contains the most innovative technology in the music industry.
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Calling all DJs, singers, composers, songwriters, music educators and other music enthusiasts. If you’ve spent too much time trying to manually split a song or remove the vocals, it’s time to upgrade your technology. The EasySplitter Pro Vocal Remover will split any song into four separate STEMs — vocal, instrumental, drums and bass — and now you can get a lifetime subscription for only $39.99. That’s a huge discount off its regular price of $599.

Learn piano with this AI-powered, App Store Editor’s Choice subscription


This AI-powered piano app is your key to a new hobby.
Photo: Skoove

Whether you want to revive your long-lost musical talent or pursue a long-held dream of learning the piano, this lifetime subscription to Skoove Premium Piano Lessons will teach you to tickle the ivories.

The highly rated app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch uses an engaging blend of interactive lessons, songs and artificial intelligence to help you learn to play the piano. Plus, you can get this subscription for an additional 20% off with Mother’s Day coupon code WELOVEMOM.

Remove vocals and isolate instrumental tracks with EasySplitter Pro


This innovative iOS app removes vocals and isolates instrumental tracks so you can create your own remixes.
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Have you ever spent hours scouring YouTube for an accurate instrumental or vocal track from your favorite song? If the answer is yes, you know just how difficult it can be to find a particular isolated track.

EasySplitter is the perfect solution to this problem. The app (iOS or Android) seamlessly splits the vocals and instrumentals from any recorded song. Valued at nearly $600, a lifetime subscription to EasySplitter Pro is now available for just $39.99. That’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of remix freedom.

Learn to play piano with this AI-fueled app


This AI powered app will help you learn and master the piano
Get a lifetime of virtual piano lessons that adapt to your skill level and musical style.
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From Siri interactions to cars with autopilot, there’s no end to what artificial intelligence powers these days. Simply put, AI is a computer system (or machine) that can perform tasks or solve problems that ordinarily require human intelligence — as opposed to simple programming, where humans input the end result into a machine.

Now, AI is so prevalent that it’s used in many apps. And this one can teach you how to play the piano.