Uniq packs 8000mAh into tiny powerbank [Review]


Uniq Fuele Mini review
Uniq Fuele Mini is easily portable but can keep your iPhone 11 going for days.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Uniq Fuele Mini offers enough power to more than fully recharge an iPhone 11 in a package just a bit bigger than a credit card. It beats bulkier rivals that are convenient when your iPhone needs a recharge, but the rest of the time they’re a hassle to carry around.

I tested this affordable, multi-port powerbank for several days. Read on to see how well it performed.

Uniq Fuele Mini review

The Fuele Mini is 3.6 inches by 2.5 in. by 0.5 inches (91mm by 65mm by 14mm) and 4.6 ounces (133g). That makes it easily pocketable, or it takes up hardly any room in a purse of backpack.

This is the Fuele Mini’s best feature. Recently, I’ve tested external batteries with built-in cables, power prongs and wireless chargers, and while these are great on extended trips, the tiny size of this powerbank makes it a better option for carrying around every day in case you need to top off your iPhone.

Plus, all the corners and edges are rounded, making it less likely to scratch up other items you’re carrying, and it’s comfortable to hold.

My sample unit is blue, and Uniq also offers this powerbank in grey, pink and tan.

On one edge is a set of four LEDs to indicate how much power is being stored. These light up with the press of a power button on the opposite edge.


On the top edge of the Uniq Fuele Mini are all three of its ports. The most useful is an 18W USB-C port that puts out as much power as an iPhone 11 can receive. The powerbank itself can be recharged through this port.

There’s also a USB-A port for charging whatever devices you need. In addition, the Fuele Mini has a micro-USB port so it can be recharged through legacy cables.

This accessory supports pass-through power. You can plug it in to recharge, then plug your iPhone into this battery, and the handset will get its power first.

Uniq includes in the box an 11-inch, USB-A-to-USB-C cable for recharging this external battery. It can also be used to power up your iPad or MacBook.

Uniq Fuele Mini is quite thin.
The Uniq Fuele Mini has USB-C, USB-A, and microUSB ports.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Uniq Fuele Mini performance

Despite its small size, the Fuele Mini holds 8000mAh. I tested it in the simplest way possible: I had recharge my 6.1-inch iPhone 11. Over multiple recharges, the USB-C port on the Fuele Mini was able to give this handset 132% charge.

And it provides this power quite quickly. I used the Uniq Flex Lightning-to-USB-C cable with this powerbank, and it bumped the iPhone 11’s battery up 50% in half an hour.

I also tested the USB-A port. Unsurprisingly, this charged the handset a bit more slowly. The battery level went up 30% in half an hour.

The Fuele Mini is better suited for an iPhone than an iPad. Apple’s 12.9-inch tablet has a battery more than three times the size of the one in its latest handset, so Uniq’s powerbank is able to give an approximately 40% charge.

Uniq Fuele Mini final thoughts

The Uniq Fuele Mini is well suited to being dropped into a purse or backpack to wait if you need a quick recharge of your iPhone. It’s so tiny and lightweight you’ll likely forget it’s in there until you need it.

Just remember this is a no-frills product. Unlike some competitors, you’ll need to supply your own cable to charge your handset.


Uniq’s suggested price for the Fuele Mini is $32.90. But you won‘t be able to buy it directly from them unless you live in Singapore. And the company doesn’t have a business relationship with Amazon. Fortunately, Googling the name will turn up quite a few other retailers offering this product.

Comparable products

A version of this device with some extra features is called the Uniq HydeAir. It’s a bit larger but holds 10,000 mAh and offers wireless charging, in addition to multiple ports. This costs $49.95.

The ZMI PowerPack 20000 is another “no frills” option. But it has 20,000mAh for $68.99.

The Mophie Powerstation Hub stores just 6,000 mAh, but has wireless charging and built-in power prongs. It costs $99.95.

Uniq provided Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. See our reviews policy, and check out more in-depth reviews of Apple-related items.