This battery pack juices MacBook at top speed, offers MagSafe for iPhone


The MagSafe-compatible Chargeasap Flash Pro Plus power bank can charge up to six Apple devices at once.
The MagSafe-compatible Chargeasap Flash Pro Plus power bank can charge up to six Apple devices at once.
Photo: Chargeasap

The Chargeasap Flash Pro Plus is for those who want a single battery that can replenish all their gear. All at once. It holds 25,000mAh and can charge a MacBook at up to 100W though USB-C, and has three other ports. But that’s just the start, as there’s a built-in MagSafe iPhone charger and an Apple Watch charger, too.

The power pack went through a round of crowdfunding but has moved past that stage. It is available to order now.

Mophie 10,000 mAh MagSafe battery is ideal for video creators [Review]


Mophie Snap+ Powerstation Stand review
The Mophie Snap+ Powerstation Stand looks good on a desk but is ready for on the go, including as part of a video setup.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Mophie Snap+ Powerstation Stand offers 10,000 mAh — enough to come close to recharging an iPhone 13 twice. It uses MagSafe so handset and charger cling together. And it has a kickstand, making it useful even when your handset is fully charged. If all that wasn’t enough, a tripod socket lets you make this power bank part of your video setup.

I tested all the features of the external battery to be sure there’re ready for real-world use. Here’s how this accessory stood up.

This MagSafe battery clone can triple your iPhone’s charge [Review]


MyCharge Mag-Lock review
The MyCharge Mag-Lock series comes in a range of colors and storage capacities, but all easily charge your iPhone.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Power banks in the new MyCharge Mag-Lock series use the magnets from Apple’s MagSafe system to attach to an iPhone. They come in 3000mAh, 6000mAh and 9000mAh capacities, with the largest able to triple the length of time a handset can go between charges. No power cable is needed and you can use your iPhone while it’s charging.

I put all three sizes of the power bank to the test. Read on to find out how they stood up.

Mophie clip-on power bank costs half what Apple’s does [Review]


Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini review
The Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini is quite small for something that doubles the battery life of an Phone 12.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Double your iPhone 12’s battery life by attaching the Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini. The two devices connect magnetically with Apple’s MagSafe system, and power flows wirelessly. It’s really simple.

I took the 5000 mAh power bank on a recent holiday to truly put it to the test. It came though with flying colors. And it costs far, far less than Apple’s similar MagSafe Power Bank.

Stop fat-shaming Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack


Oh no. The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack fails to defy the laws of physics.
Oh no. Apple's new MagSafe Battery Pack fails to defy the laws of physics.
Image: Cult of Mac

Apple’s just-released MagSafe Battery Pack faced plenty of mockery for not being about as slim as a credit card, as some people apparently expected. This criticism clearly comes from people ignoring an inescapable fact: Batteries are always bulky.

Until there’s a revolutionary breakthrough in power storage tech, there’s no way to make an ultra-slim battery store a useful amount of power. Stop expecting it. And stop criticizing companies for not miraculously producing an impossible product.

Linedock 16” adds everything to MacBook but the kitchen sink [Review]


Linedock 16” review: 10-port USB hub, 2TB storage and 100Wh battery
Linedock 16” gives you a MacBook Pro+ with loads of additional ports, terabytes of storage and a huge battery.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Linedock 16” is for anyone who’s ever thought, “I wish my MacBook had more ports and a longer battery life. And more storage!” The docking station fits under your notebook and adds ten ports, a 99.9Wh battery and up to 2TB of storage.

I tested the version of Linedock for 16-inch MacBooks. It totally blew my socks off.

Linedock MacBook docking station grows to 16 inches, 10 ports, 2TB


Linedock 16 and Linedock 16 are available for order now.
Linedock adds extra ports, battery life and storage to a MacBook.
Photo: Linedock

Two new, larger versions of the Linedock multi-port USB-C docking station make room for additional capabilities. The Linedock 16” and 15” sit under a MacBook where they take up minimal space but add ten ports, up to 2TB of storage and a 99.9Wh battery.

The new versions can be ordered now and ship later this summer.

Intelli ScoutPro is a power bank for fans of wireless charging [Review]


Intelli ScoutPro review
Between its multiple USB ports and charging coils, Intelli ScoutPro can juice up five Apple devices at once while on the go.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

There are so many external batteries that it’s hard to stand out from the pack, but the Intelli ScoutPro manages it easily. There’s magnetic wireless Apple Watch and iPhone chargers. Plus the dual USB-C ports can output up to 100 watts each. All told, the accessory can hold up to 24,000mAh and handle up to 240 watt.

I put this power bank through its paces, testing all the ways it can recharge Apple devices. Here’s how it stood up.

ScoutPro power bank promises easy Mac, iPhone and Apple Watch charging


Intelli ScoutPro can charge up to five devices at once.
The Intelli ScoutPro Max includes 24,000mAh of power and can send it to 5 devices at once.
Photo: Intelli

Intelli ScoutPro boasts features few other power banks do. There’s built-in wireless Apple Watch and iPhone chargers. And its USB-C ports can output up to 100W.

The external battery holds up to 24,000 mAh and powers up to five devices at once. It’s ready to handle almost every type of Apple device simultaneously while on the go.

Anker’s clever wireless power bank clings to iPhone 12 with magnets


Anker Magnetic Wireless Power Bank doesn’t support MagSafe.
The Anker Magnetic Wireless Power Bank attaches to an iPhone 12 when needed, but is easily removable.
Photo: Anker

CES 2021 bugAnker’s latest external battery uses magnets to attach itself to an iPhone 12 for wireless charging. It enables the handset to juice up while it’s being used on the move.

The accessory maker also unveiled at CES 2021 a 3-in-1 wireless charger with an removable 10,000 mAh battery.