Save a bumbling spy in Secret Oops! on Apple Arcade


Secret Oops! debuted today on Apple Arcade
Keep an inept agent alive in Secret Oops!, an augmented-reality title on Apple Arcade.
Photo: Apple/Mixedbag

Secret Oops! is an innovative augmented-reality game that asks players to save the world’s dumbest spy. Guide Special Agent Charles through an AR landscape, with multiple players using an iPhone or iPad to see the same virtual board in the real world.

It debuted today on Apple Arcade.

Secret Oops! offers augmented reality gameplay

Agent Charles works for S.P.Y, the only agency in the world run by robotic pigeons. He’s their best agent, but he’s also dumb as a rock and will happily trigger deadly traps and stumble into dangerous robot guards. Players use the Spymatic 2000 to remotely disable security systems to guide this inept agent through his mission.

Secret Oops! uses augmented reality, so the game world appears to be projected into the real world as a highly-detailed diorama. Players can walk around the scene, seeing it from various angles.

Up to four players can cooperate to get Agent Charles through, each seeing the game world through their iPhone or iPad.

There are two Secret Oops! missions available today, and the developer, Mixedbag, promises that more are on the way.

Only on Apple Arcade

Secret Oops! debuted this morning, but the only way to play is with a $4.99-a-month subscription to Apple Arcade. This fee also brings access to over 100 other games, all of which can be played on a variety of Apple devices.

Plus, this gaming service forbids ads, loot boxes, in-app purchases, chats and tracking. The only cost is the monthly fee.