Mac Pros bought in Europe are assembled in China, new users find


Apple CEO Tim Cook talked Mac Pro with President Trump
Apple’s CEO took Pres. Trump on a tour of the US Mac Pro assembly plant.
Screenshot: White House

The 2019 Mac Pro is famously assembled in the United States. Apple CEO Tim Cook took President Trump on a tour of the plant in Texas where these powerful computers are put together.

But the situation is reportedly quite different if you place an order in Europe.

A Mac Pro ordered last week in France arrived today, and it bears the note, in English, “Designed by Apple in California’ Assembled in China,” according to the French website MacGeneration.

2019 Mac Pro is assembled in the US… but that’s not the whole story

It seems units of Apple’s new macOS workstation being shipped to N. America are being made in the US, and are marked that way. But units for the European market are assembled in China.

But just because a computer is assembled in one country doesn’t mean it’s “made” there. Apple frequently points out that its devices are built from components sourced from around the world. “The vast majority of our products are kind of made everywhere,” Tim Cook said this summer. For example, the company got tariff exemptions on some Mac Pro parts so they could be imported to the US from China.

Wherever it’s made, the 2029 Mac Pro is Apple’s most powerful computer yet, though not its most expensive. This workstation was created for professional video and audio production. It went on sale last week.

Via MacRumors