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Trump snagged the very first 2019 Mac Pro


Apple CEO Tim Cook talked Mac Pro with President Trump
“Mr. President, we have some lovely parting gifts for you.”
Screenshot: White House

It’s good to be the president. People just give you things, like the first 2019 Mac Pro assembled in Austin, Texas. Tim Cook gave this pricy computer to Trump, probably after the president toured the factory.

OWC adds wheels to your Mac Pro for a mere $199


You could feed a family for week on what Mac Pro wheels cost.
The OWC Rover Pro adds Mac Pro wheels for much less than Apple’s price.
Photo: OWC

Apple sells wheels for the 2019 Mac Pro for the slightly ridiculous price of $699. On Thursday, a third-party accessory maker launched a cheaper option. Well, relatively cheaper: the OWC Rover Pro wheel kit is $199.

New Radeon Pro W5700X GPU is Mac Pro’s most affordable yet


Order yours today for $1,000.
Photo: Apple

Those looking to improve the graphics performance of their 2019 Mac Pro can now pick up the Radeon Pro W5700X MPX Module from the Apple Online Store.

For exactly $1,000, the new GPU offers up to 9.4 teraflops of compute performance and 16GB of GDDR6 memory. It uses AMD’s latest RDNA architecture, and it’s now the most affordable GPU module Apple sells.

Mac Pro and Mac mini land in Apple refurb store with huge savings


President Trump will tour Apple's Mac Pro factory in Texas this week
You can finally buy a certified pre-owned Mac Pro.
Photo: Apple

Looking for a new Mac but don’t want to put a dent in your bank account during the COVID-19-induced economic meltdown?

Apple added a bunch of 2018 Mac mini and 2019 Mac Pro units to its online refurbished store late Thursday, offering customers huge savings with the same warranty as a brand-new machine. In the case of the Mac Pro, you can save up to $4,000!

Pro colorist pans Apple Pro Display with science and one-liners


YouTuber Vincent Teoh reviews Apple Pro Display
World's best pro display? Vincent Teoh says not so much.
Screenshot: Vincent Teoh/YouTube

Professional colorist and YouTube HDTV reviewer Vincent Teoh says he cannot recommend Apple’s $5,000 Pro Display XDR to creatives who do commercial color grading.

But the pricey monitor’s “beautiful design will look good in the office of a divorce lawyer,” Teoh says.

The wait for rack mount Mac Pro is over


2019 Mac Pro is ready for your server room.
Get a 2019 Mac Pro is a tower or, starting today, in a rack mount version.
Photo: Apple

Apple today began taking orders for the alternative Mac Pro version designed to be installed in server rooms; previously it was only taking pre-orders. Units purchased today ship next week.

The rack-mount model comes in a different casing than the more standard tower one, and costs $500 more.