Save big on smart bulbs, Adobe training and more [Week’s Best Deals]


Best Deals of the Week (1)
This week's best deals includes smart bulbs, Adobe CC lessons, and lots more.
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This week, the best deals in the Cult of Mac Store run the gamut. For starters, we’ve got an awesome iTunes alternative for iOS management, and an energy saving smart bulb with Home App integration. Additionally there’s a powerful email manager, and a comprehensive training bundle for Adobe Creative Cloud. Some are discounted by over 95%, so read on for more details:

Manage and transfer all tour iOS data between phones, tablets, and other devices from one app.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

iMazing 2 – 77% off

iMazing calls itself the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone, iPad, and iPod management. That’s appropriate, because it’s full of tools for mobile data management that iOS can’t touch. Great for backups or upgrades, you can easily browse and manage backups, extract and print text messages, drag and drop songs to your iPhone, plus all kinds of other media.

Buy now: Get iMazing 2 for $19.99. That’s a full 77% off the usual price.

iHaper B2 E26 Smart LED Light Bulb
This smart LED daylight bulb easily dims or brightens via app or voice commands.
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iHaper B2 E26 Smart LED Light Bulb – 20% off

The Haper B2 E26 Smart LED Light Bulb works with Apple HomeKit, so you can control it directly through Home App, Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Use the app or voice commands to dim or brighten the light to taste, even remotely control and set schedules to turn the light on or off when you’re away.

Buy now: Get an iHaper B2 E26 Smart LED Light Bulb for $15.97. That’s 20% discount.

Efficiently manage your inbox with just a few clicks using powerful filters, groups and segments.
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Clean Email: Lifetime Subscription – 96% off

Clean Email is an online bulk email cleaner with rules and filters to define to organize inbox in a few clicks. It also protects you from unwanted or annoying emails, and makes it easy to sort incoming emails according to various categories. Pre-created smart views let you easily apply any action, and define what types of emails you think are important.

Buy now: Get a lifetime of Clean Email for $29.99. That’s a massive 96% off the usual price.

Adobe Bundles
Learn the ins and outs of one of the most powerful and ubiquitous suites for digital design and graphics.
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The Ultimate Adobe CC Training Bundle – 98% off

Adobe CC is one of the most common industry standard tools for graphic design. If you’re working with digital design, images or user interaction, it’s a toolkit you’ll want to know, so this bundle offers essential education. It covers the basics and advanced concepts and techniques in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, After Effects, InDesign and more.

Buy now: Get the Ultimate Adobe CC Training Bundle for $39. That’s a whopping 98% off the usual price.