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This email manager will get you to that fabled inbox zero


This email manager can tame even the most chaotic inboxes.
Organize your cluttered inbox with this email manager.
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A cluttered email inbox is as aggravating as it is common. Everyone deals with it, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it.

Instead of constant distractions, and sifting through piles of unnecessary and unwanted emails, you can take control of your inbox. Finally achieve that fabled zen state known as inbox zero with a lifetime subscription to the Mailman email manager.

It’s a web browser plugin that works with Apple Mail, Gmail and other popular email clients. And it’s on sale for a limited time.

Spark email app: A powerhouse for iPhone, iPad and Mac [Awesome Apps]


Spark - featured image

Awesome Apps is a new series highlighting the best apps around. We will feature our favorite apps as well as new and notable ones. Apps are transformative, and these are the best.

I’ve spent years searching the App Store for the best email app – and in doing so, I’ve tried them all. Spark is my favorite because it equips users with accessible power features, which make wrangling email on iOS, iPadOS and macOS as easy as ABC.

When friends of mine bemoan the limitations of Apple’s built-in Mail app, I point them to Spark, from Ukrainian developer Readdle. Spark is by no means a new addition to the App Store. But over the years, the developer added a strong set of features – many of which found their way into other email clients for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Picture-in-picture, video editing in your pocket, and another great email app [Awesome Apps of the Week]


Awesome Apps of the Week
YouTube finally gets a much requested feature, Clips can make you a short-form video star, and another email app is a contender.
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Maybe it’s the impending iOS, iPadOS and macOS updates, but in checking out the App Store this past week, everything seemed to be “bug fixes and stability improvements.” Those are great things to have, but they aren’t as cool or exciting as fresh features or hot new apps!

Fortunately, a long-awaited feature is finally coming to the YouTube masses. Plus, I found another email app worth checking out. And, if you’re hoping to become an influencer, we’ve got an app to help you level up your videos in this week’s Awesome Apps of the Week.

Spike email app adds audio and video calls for macOS and iOS


Spike email app adds audio and video calls right in your inbox.
Spike email app adds audio and video calls right in your inbox.
Photo: Spike

Popular email app Spike, which strips down emails to make them more like chats or test messages, just added audio and video calls. The update means Spike users can readily communicate in real time — and skip switching to Zoom, FaceTime or another videoconferencing app.

Apps to boost your work-from-home productivity


App icons for TickTick toggle outlook and dayone
It only takes a few key tools to make working remotely much more manageable.
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COVID-19 lockdown certainly brought a swift change from the norm for many people. We’re dealing with the added stress of different working situations, the struggle to get groceries, and in many cases, even acting as teachers or child care providers.

All of that can make it really challenging to feel accomplished and productive. Luckily, I finally found my groove in the last week or so, thanks to a couple of really useful apps (and some self-imposed rules).

Save big on smart bulbs, Adobe training and more [Week’s Best Deals]


Best Deals of the Week (1)
This week's best deals includes smart bulbs, Adobe CC lessons, and lots more.
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This week, the best deals in the Cult of Mac Store run the gamut. For starters, we’ve got an awesome iTunes alternative for iOS management, and an energy saving smart bulb with Home App integration. Additionally there’s a powerful email manager, and a comprehensive training bundle for Adobe Creative Cloud. Some are discounted by over 95%, so read on for more details: