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Apple seeds new iOS 13.1 beta, leaves iOS 13 out in the cold


iOS 13
Apple has clearly shifted its focus from iOS 13 to version 13.1.
Screen capture: Apple

The beta process for iOS 13.1 continues, with the second developer-only beta just going out now.

But there hasn’t been a new iOS 13 beta in two weeks. Apple really seems to have finished work on it, even though it hasn’t been released and isn’t even expected until later this month.

iPadOS is being forked off iOS, and currently new versions of each are being introduced simultaneously. So there’s a new iPadOS 13.1 beta out today too.

iOS 13 vs. iOS 13.1

There hasn’t been a new beta of iOS 13 since August 21. Since then, there have been two iOS 13.1 betas introduced.

When Apple apparently stopped working on version 13 last month, it still contained many bugs. Why the focus shifted to the successor so early isn’t clear. Especially as iOS 13 isn’t expected to debut sometime until after next Tuesday’s press event. When Apple plans to introduce iOS 13.1 — aside from not too long after its predecessor — is unknown.

Obviously, the two are nearly identical. The 13.1 version offers some features that were originally in version 13 but were taken out early in the beta process, including Shortcuts automations.

But both include Dark Mode, better support for mice and external hard drives, and many other improvements.

Currently for developers only

At this time, iOS 13.1 Developer beta 2 and iPadOS 13.1 Developer beta 2 are just that: betas for developers. They can only be installed by those who have paid a $100 annual fee to join the Apple Developer Program.

But everyone else probably won’t have to wait long. If Apple continues as it has with previous pre-release versions, the public will get access to this version tomorrow.