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Latest iOS 13 update fixes problems in Mail, Health, iCloud and more


iOS 13
iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.1 brought a truckload of new features, but also plenty of bugs Apple has been busily evicting.
Screen capture: Apple

Apple continues the lengthy bug hunt in its iPhone and iPad operating systems. iOS 13.1.3 fixes ten problems that made it through the three previous versions introduced in less than a month.

iPadOS 13.1.3, also debuting today, takes care of some of these for tablet users.

iOS 13.1.2 is already out with big bug fixes


iPad Pro with iPadOS 13.1.2
Apple is bombarding people with iPad and iPhone updates. Here’s iPadOS 13.1.2.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

iOS 13 brought big changes and version 13.1 added some more, but Apple sure isn’t resting on its laurels — the company quickly rushed out iOS 13.1.2 and iPadOS 13.1.2. Anyone greedy for more new features is in for a disappointment, as this is entirely a bug-fix update.

This marks the fourth new iOS version in two weeks, and the third iPadOS version since Tuesday.

iOS 13.1.1 arrives with fixes for battery drain and keyboard security flaw


iOS 13 on an iPhone X
You should install the new update ASAP.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Apple put out yet another iOS 13 update this morning to fix some major bugs, just over a week after the huge update for iPads and iPhones was released to the public.

iOS 13.1.1 and iPadOS 13.1.1 address a major security issue that allowed third-party keyboard apps to have network access. The flaw could have allowed keyboards to track what you type, including usernames and passwords, and send them to a remote server. Anyone that’s running iOS 13 of iOS 13.1 should update ASAP.

See the best iPadOS features in only 60 seconds


iPadOS 13 running on a iPad
iPadOS makes it easer to switch between running applications.
Photo: Apple

iPadOS just launched, and Apple wants tablet owners to know why they should upgrade. Its short video hits the highlights, like accessing full contents of USB drives, the advantages of editing video on a larger screen, and much more.

Watch it now:

iPadOS arrives with the killer iPad features we’ve been craving


iPadOS launch date
Beta testing is over. iPadOS 13.1 can be installed on any recent Apple tablet.
Photo: Apple

iPadOS 13.1 is now available, ready to be installed on a wide variety of iPad models. It brings features Apple tablet users have long been asking for: allowing applications to open multiple windows, support for mice, full access to USB drives, and much more.

This new version was announced in June and has been in beta testing all summer so there are no surprises. But the time for testing is over. Almost everyone with an iOS tablet made in the past five years can install iPadOS.

iPadOS won’t launch until well after iOS 13


Apple CEO Tim Cook with iPad
Apple CEO Tim Cook talked up new features in iPadOS 13 at yesterday’s press event..
Screenshot: Apple

iOS 13 will debut next week, but tablet users will have to wait a bit longer for the iPad equivalent. Apple says iPadOS 13 won’t debut until the end of this month.

That launch date suggests that the company will go straight to iOS 13.1.

Apple seeds new iOS 13.1 beta, leaves iOS 13 out in the cold


iOS 13
Apple has clearly shifted its focus from iOS 13 to version 13.1.
Screen capture: Apple

The beta process for iOS 13.1 continues, with the second developer-only beta just going out now.

But there hasn’t been a new iOS 13 beta in two weeks. Apple really seems to have finished work on it, even though it hasn’t been released and isn’t even expected until later this month.