iPadOS won’t launch until well after iOS 13


Apple CEO Tim Cook with iPad
Apple CEO Tim Cook talked up new features in iPadOS 13 at yesterday’s press event..
Screenshot: Apple

iOS 13 will debut next week, but tablet users will have to wait a bit longer for the iPad equivalent. Apple says iPadOS 13 won’t debut until the end of this month.

That launch date suggests that the company will go straight to iOS 13.1.

Apple seeds new iOS 13.1 beta, leaves iOS 13 out in the cold


iOS 13
Apple has clearly shifted its focus from iOS 13 to version 13.1.
Screen capture: Apple

The beta process for iOS 13.1 continues, with the second developer-only beta just going out now.

But there hasn’t been a new iOS 13 beta in two weeks. Apple really seems to have finished work on it, even though it hasn’t been released and isn’t even expected until later this month.