Apple donates to help the Amazon rainforest thrive again


Smoke from fires in the Amazon basin
Smoke from the fires raging in the Amazon basin has created a shroud that is clearly visible across much of the center of South America.
Photo: NASA

Apple CEO Tim Cook reacted to the fires in the Amazon rainforest by promising that his company will donate to preserve biodiversity in this threatened region of the world.

Cook took to Twitter to call the fires that have made headlines “devastating” and say the Amazon is “one of the world’s most important ecosystems.”

Although the executive promises that Apple will give money to restore damage to the rainforest, he doesn’t give an amount. “Apple will be donating to help preserve its biodiversity and restore the Amazon’s indispensable forest across Latin America,” wrote Cook.

How much is enough?

In the past, the company promised to donate $1 million to a range of disaster relief efforts, from cleaning up after a hurricane in America to assisting tsunami victims in Indonesia and many more. In recent months, Apple’s CEO has continued to make promises to donate but stopped including specific amounts.

Doing so for past disasters has often touched off debates on whether the company should be doing more, while there are always other people arguing that Apple should never contribute to charity.