The best email, home cinema, news and BRIAN MAY! apps this week


You're in for an entertaining weekend.
You're in for an entertaining weekend.
Photo: Cult of Mac

This week we rock out with Queens’ Brian May, unsend email with Fastmail, read the news later with Feedbin, and way more.

Fastmail – Email & Calendar

Fastmail, but no too fast.
Fastmail, but no too fast.
Photo: Fastmail

Email service Fastmail now supports undo send. That means that you have 15 seconds between hitting the Send button, and the mail actually getting sent. This quarter-minute buffer means that the next time you suddenly realize that you sent that sexy mail (smail?) to your husband instead of your boss, you can undo the damage before your workplace affair wrecks your marriage.

Price: Free

Download: Fastmail – Email & Calendar from the App Store (iOS)


Photo: Ulysses

Ulysses, the bestest writing app on iOS (and the Mac) ever, now lets you manage your keywords, and enjoy a sweet new full-screen view on the iPad. This full-screen mode really is nice and clean, with nothing on screen but your words, and the word counter.

The keywords section, on the other hands, is still a dogs dinner. And if you use keyboard shortcuts, then this version will really annoy you, as it now takes way more taps and key presses to get in and out of the keyword panel.

Price: Free

Download: Ulysses from the App Store (iOS)


Everyone's favorite white-puff-haired guitar god/astrophysicist now has his signature sounds on the iPad.
Everyone’s favorite white-puff-haired guitar god/astrophysicist now has his signature sounds on the iPad.
Photo: IK Multimedia

Amplitube, the guitar amp and effects app from IK Multimedia, has just added Brian May to its roster. That means you now get amps and effects that sound just like the Queen guitarist’s wall of Vox AC30s, and his Treble Booster pedal, and more.

May I just say here that Brian May rocks. That solo at the end of We Will Rock You. Maybe the most exciting guitar solo ever, and yet one of the simplest (and shortest). Killer.

Price: $9.99

Download: AmpliTube from the App Store (iOS)


feedbin app roundup

The Feedbin news reading app now has a read later feature, like Pocket and Instapaper. You can save articles to a list, and read them any time you like. Articles can be saved from within the app, or — if you’re in the browser — via a bookmarklet.

Price: Free

Download: Feedbin from the App Store (iOS)

Plex desktop app

A real Plex app for the Mac. A real Plex app for the Mac.

Plex was always a bit weird on the desktop, running a server, and existing mostly inside your web browser. Now, there’s a proper desktop app (for Mac and Windows), and it works much like the iOS app. It includes the Plex Media Player, and it can also download any video for offline watching.

Price: Free

Download: Plex