Latest macOS Catalina beta lets you dump iTunes (if you dare)


macOS Catalina
macOS left the desert of Mojave for the island of Catalina.
Photo: Apple

Anyone who’s fed up with iTunes can put the latest pre-release version of macOS Catalina on their Mac now and start using the new Apple Music, Apple Podcast and Apple TV apps instead. Of course, today’s public beta, the fourth in the series, comes with a long list of known problems so it might not be worth the hassle.

The wait is over for macOS Catalina Public beta 4

Apple gave developers their fifth beta yesterday, and now the general public is getting a taste of it.

Beyond the end of iTunes, macOS 10.15  (AKA Catalina) brings Sidecar: the built-in ability to use an iPad as a second display. And developers can get excited about Catalyst, which makes it easier for them to port their iPad apps over to the Mac.

The release notes for yesterday’s macOS Catalina developer beta don’t mention any additional new features, so Apple’s developer team may have reached the point where it’s just removing bugs, getting ready for the full release in a month or so.

Those who are bold enough don’t have to wait and can install macOS Catalina Public Beta 4 now. It just requires signing up for the free Apple Beta Software Program. And a willingness to run buggy software.