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Stream 1,000s of documentaries for a 10th the price of Netflix [Deals]


Documentary streaming
Watch award-winning documentaries with CuriosityStream for $2 a month
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There’s so much to learn about the world around us. So when you sit down to watch Netflix, keep in mind you could be streaming content that informs as well as entertains — and at a small fraction of the price.

CuriosityStream is an award-winning streaming site full of horizon-expanding documentaries, Featuring immersive experiences from no less than Stephen Hawking and David Attenborough, with stunning visuals and compelling storytelling that will bring deep dives into science, nature, history, technology and more right into your living room or phone.

The service serves up more than 2,000 documentary features and series to watch, including exclusive originals. If you have trouble deciding what to watch, you can get personalized recommendations. And with a subscription, you can watch as much as you want.

Buy now: Get two years of CuriosityStream for $29.99. That’s a 25% discount.