Activ5 pocket-size gym muscles into the Apple store


Activebody’s Activ5
Activ5 and your iPhone can help build strength through isometric exercises.
Photo: Activebody

Activebody’s Activ5 is a palm-size accessory for isometric-based workouts. Along with companion iPhone and Apple Watch apps, it lets users exercise anywhere.

Apple approves of this workout gear enough to put Activ5 in its stores.

How Activ5 works out

Rather than lifting weights, isometrics involve static contractions, where muscles work without moving. This type of workout has a low impact on the body and joints. Adding Activ5 to these exercises allows measurement of the force exerted. The device can measure more than 200 pounds of pressure.

Measure your isometric workout with Activebody Activ5
Measure your isometric workout with Activ5.
Photo: Activebody

An iOS (and Android) app includes more than 100 seated and standing workouts, while tracking progress and providing feedback. This software is integrated with both Apple Health and Apple Watch.

Starting today, Activebody’s Activ5 is available at and in select Apple stores. The price is $129.95.