Keep your eyes on the road with a head-up display [Deals]


Hubway Cast
Add a hands-free, head-up display to your car.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Phones have become a part of our everyday lives. That includes driving, so a good solution is just to keep the information you need in view. One way of doing that is to borrow tech from fighter pilots.

HUDWAY Cast is a portable, full color head-up display that installs in pretty much any vehicle.

It sits right on the dashboard, wirelessly mirroring your smartphone screen. So your navigation, communication and other vital info stays right in view. No need to glance down to check turn cues, view texts or take calls. You can even interact with your phone straight through the HUD, making it a great hands-free alternative to bulky phone mounts.

It’s compatible with any smartphone that supports Miracast or AirPlay, and can connect via USB, so it charges your phone while it projects. Little wonder it raised more than a half-million dollars on Kickstarter.

Buy now: Get a HUDWAY Cast for $199 at the Cult of Mac Store. That’s 13% off the usual price.